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Thread: Therésa

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    Smile Therésa

    Therésa (Ta-RAY-Sa) Opinions? Thoughts? Combos and Ideas?
    Jessica Emily Faith
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    I'm not sure I like the prn you choose. The accent makes the very English prn of Ta-RAY-sa feel off.
    I prefer te-RE-zah or even tə-REE-sə.

    I think Therésa (te-RE-zah) is beautiful, it's got a great historical value but it isn't overly popular.
    (Historic tidbit: The wife of King Ludwig I of Bavaria was named Theresa. The Oktoberfest is a yearly celebration of their marriage.)

    Therésa Charlotte
    Therésa Noelle
    Therésa Emilia
    Therésa Dorothea
    Therésa Violet
    Therésa Elizabeth
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    I like Therésa pronounced that way. It sounds so pretty!

    Therésa Violet
    Therésa Guinevere
    Therésa Madeleine
    Therésa Lorelei
    Therésa Clementine
    Therésa Amélie
    Alex ♥

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    we chose theresa elizabeth, pronounced as ta-ray-sa, nicknamed "Tay-a". it's perfect!

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