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Thread: Dice Name Game

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    Aug 2010
    Your Name: Fiona Drew
    Partner's Name: Anderson Davis

    DD/DS: Diana Indigo & Henry Felix
    DD: Gemma Pearl
    DD: Natasha Marley
    DD: Zara Beatrix
    DD: Zuri Nyala

    Cat: Maverick "Mav"
    Dogs: Prudence "Pru" and Illumination "Minnie"
    Horse: Chance

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    Your name: Imogen Ivy

    Partners name: Phelan Lionel

    How many kids: 6

    Birth 1: Nathaniel FelixNate
    2: Boy

    Birth 2: Jett Elijah
    5: Boy

    Birth 3: Marina Pearl
    5: Girl

    Birth 4: Beatrix HeleneTrixie
    1: Girl

    Birth 5: Abraham JacobBram
    6: Boy

    Birth 6: Micah Gray
    2: Boy

    Pets: Roll for amount & roll every time for type
    6: Guinea Pig: Clemency

    List your family: Nathaniel Felix, Jett Elijah, Marina Pearl, Beatrix Helene, Abraham Jacob, and Micah Gray
    Favourite girls: Amadea, Antonia, Cecily, Clara, Eleanor, Georgia, Margaret, Matilda, Pandora, Susannah
    Favourite boys: Archer, August, Gabriel, Harley, Joseph, Nathaniel, Phelan, Phineas, Rowan, Theodore

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Jul 2012
    Your name: Alaia Esme Brawley
    Partners name: Dawson Brady Brawley
    How many kids: 6

    Birth 1:
    Boy: Sawyer Atticus

    Birth 2:
    Boy: Jackson Levi

    Birth 3:
    B/B/G: Xavier Kai & Cristian Asher & Lily Santana

    Birth 4:
    Boy: Calvin Lionel

    Birth 5:
    Boy: Austin Jacob

    Birth 6:
    B/B/B: Skyler Roan & Keegan Slate & Riley Gray

    Dog: Mercy

    The Brawley Family
    Alaia & Dawson
    Sawyer & Jackson & Xavier & Cristian & Lily & Calvin & Austin & Skyler & Keegan & Riley

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    Aug 2012
    Matilda, Beatrix, Lucille, Margo, Ivy, Guinevere, Isadora, Violet, Ada, Alice, Hermione, Cora, Elizabeth, Flora, Olive, Sybil, Isolde
    Felix, Henry, Ambrose, Darcy, Asa, Ezra, August, Oscar, Theodore, Edward, Clark, Arthur, Jasper, Winston, Percival

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