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    If you were a Hunger Games Character......

    If you were a character in the Hunger Games what name would you give yourself and what district would you want to be from? Susanne Collins made up marvelous names for her characters and i admire all of them! From Katniss to Rue, from Cinna to Hazelle, she has done a wonderful job! not it's your turn!
    -Evelyn Skye

    My Hunger Games Name would be either Estrella Karf from district 2 or Ember Sperit from district 12. Most likely Ember Sperit though.

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    Acacia Perengrine- district 11
    Not expecting, just collecting!

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    Tasia Alouette *Tasie, rhymes with Daisy*

    I like to think I'd be an innocent Capitol resident, with purple dyed skin, black hair and turquoise jewels along my arms.

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    Aurelia- district 12
    Proud Mama to Levi 8/21/10 and Eva 12/5/12

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    Kyletta "Kylie" Paralee - District 8
    My favorite names!
    Seraphina, Aurora, Belle, Tabitha
    Cyan, Kaleb, Mark, Jacob

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