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    Who do you know of that is part of a great SS?

    I know a family of 3 girls and 1 boy.

    Ishka, Isis, Ajia, and Crusoe.

    I love the way they all sound together.

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    This is one that I've heard of through my mother, who is a childminder:

    Cairo (B)
    Mika (G)
    Indigo (G)
    Verona (G)
    Nirvana (G)

    Indigo's middle names are Ocean Blue, meaning her full name is Indigo Ocean Blue! Surprisingly it suits her perfectly!

    They also have cousins called
    A'kaylah, Christiana & Dante. (A'kaylah and Christiana are twins)

    I love Christiana and Dante but it's a shame about A'kaylah.
    ~ Under Construction! ~

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    Some sibsets that I know are:

    Shawn & Bethany

    Nicholas & Kristen

    Lauren & Jarod

    Kirsten & Ryan

    Declan & Lucy

    Wyatt & River

    Carlee & Kayla

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    Jasmine and Oliver

    Charlotte and Ella

    Lucy, Max and Pippa

    James and Harrison

    Hamish and Jasper (the name Hamish is a lot more common in Aus so it is not unheard of)
    15 year old namelover from downunder...
    Little Ladies: Anouk, Hero, Clio, Rory, Scout & Sailor
    Handsome Guys: Atticus, Levi, Noah, Jasper & Jesse

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