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    I don't have a whimsical name myself, but I plan on my kids having them. My top girl combos are Scarlett Fable Michelle and Maeve Ginger Lucia and I think they're a little whimsical

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    I love whimsical names on children but I recently met a 17 year old girl named Ocean and it just seemed bizarre to me. Though I doubt I'd ever use one myself, I do love to dream.
    Reverie is simply darling, I also adore Luna, even Whimsy or Wonder.

    When I was younger I thought Nessarose - like from Wicked, would be beautiful. I still think Primrose - a la Hunger Games - would be lovely but they would definitely be hard names to pull off. Fortunately they have accessible "normal" nicknames.

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    My daughter is a Calico and I've had nothing but compliments about it, which surprised me considering it's uncommon.

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    London, England
    I'm planning on using whimsical middles, Moonbeam or Aquamarine for a girl, and Evelake for a boy.

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    I'm not brave enough to use whimsical names as first names, and I'll be reserving the middle name spot for family names! But, I love reading the daring, adventurous and beautiful choices some Berries use in the middle!
    Matilda, Vera, Beatrix, June, Eleanor, Cordelia, Adelaide, Elisabeth, Leona, Daphne, Kathryn

    Edwin, Frederick, Calvin, Arthur, Walter, Rowan, Winston, Desmond, Keith, Robert

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