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Thread: Makeover Game

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    Makeover Game

    I love makeover games so much, that I made my own a while ago. However, I came to realize that my XL makeover game was probably too long, because I would start with 20 names and we somehow ended up with 18 or 12 and I had to restart the game more than once, but it kept happening. This time the list is shorter, but the rules are the same; the names are allowed to switch genders!

    1. George
    2. Elizabeth
    3. Charles
    4. Margaret
    5. James
    6. Sophia
    7. Phillip
    8. Victoria
    9. Albert
    10. Catherine
    Miranda Morgan-Charity Lisa-Winter Rose-Violet Eve-Anastasia Sophia ---- Elijah James-Winter Hawk-Elijah Zander-Peyton Blue

    Girls: Yuki, Aisu, Winterrose, Anastasia
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    Mary, Esther, Constance, Flora, Yuki, Odelia, Camellia, Dossie, Susanna, Nanon, Francesca, Thea, Tabitha, Anouk, Amadea, Quintina, Magnolia, Gardenia, Raphaela, Willa, Hattie, Fenella, Paviana, Ysella, Theodora, Clea, Momoka, Mirabelle, Dominica.

    Abraham, Ignatius, Marius, Amadeus, Amias, Bram, Bertie, Moses, Wolfgang, Dossie, Ivo, Enzo, Donovan, Pello, Ezekiel, Barnabas, Dougal, Linus, Tadeo, Roland, Edgar, Monty, Winston, Remy, Obadiah, Rex, Horatio.

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    Software engineer, 25, from Chile. Mac user. Slytherin. Cat mum. No human kids.

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    Claudia Patricia Magdalena
    Gustavo Xavier Enrique

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