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    In my opinion, any parent who names their children Rebel, Ryot and Annachi is just asking for trouble! Although it's not my style either, Liberty is the only name with no negativity attached to it.
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    Seriously?! What were the parents thinking?!
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    At least they have "normal" parts of the name fall back on:

    REBel like REBecca nn Rebby?
    RYot like RYan nn Ry
    ANNAchi like ANNA nn Anna or Annie
    LIBerty like Elizabeth nn Libby

    I think the parents thought that through a bit which I appreciate haha
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    Welllll....fair enough, they're unusual names - but lets face it. Its serving her pretty well right now! I doubt she'd stand out so much in peoples minds if it weren't for her very celebrity-like name! So I think the parents deserve some kudos for their choices! And at least they had the options of more normal middle names
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