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    Britain? Is it too out there?

    I have really been loving the nickname Britt lately, however I loathe the name Brittany, and I really don't like Britta much either. So I started to look for a possibly alternative. What do you think of Britain?

    Also how would it be as a middle name.

    Thanks in advance for any opinions
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    on my list for a boy. Sounds masculine to me
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    I would rank Britannia as one of my own secret guilty pleasures. The first sound clip, I like his voice.

    But I'm not really into place names so in real life I wouldn't use it.

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    I wonder if you could use Bretagne (as in Brittany France.) Pronounced "breh TAN yeh." Nickname Brett, like the boy's name? Or Tagne, like Tanya, if that's your thing.
    Britain is not name-ish enough for me. I do know someone named Austin who goes by Tin, and that might be a cute nn possibility with Britain.

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    Britain is far too place-namey. I would cringe seeing it on a girl. It's a shame you don't like Britta.
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