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    I love the sound of ''Nevaeh'', but hate everything else about it! haha

    I love the sounds 'neh-vay' it sounds very elegent and classy, but I hate the 'heaven spelt backwards' and the assosiations and how over used it is! I also hate the spelling!
    Are there any alternatives said like 'Nah-Vey'


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    I too like the sound, although more when pronounced Na VAY a, with a third syllable.

    A few options:
    Esme/Esmee (some will put the stress on the end, some won't)

    Astraea (Ast RAY a)
    Linnea (Lynn AY a)
    Noemi (No AIM ee)

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    It's a little different from the sound you're after...but I love Nevena, it's a completely not made-up name in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia (prob other places too).

    It means "marigold"

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    You could leave off the H to get Nevae, but I don't know of any established names with that exact pronunciation. Maeve is similar (muh-EH-va) as is Niamh (I've heard neev, nay-va, and ni-ev for this one).
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    I don't know how do you pn Nevena, but I want to enlight some of you if you doesn't know. Neh-veh-nah, eh is more like a in alphabeth.

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