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    Yay, Victorians! (with namebank)


    Last name: Evans, Schuckert, Thyssen (yay), Siemens, Norton, Armitage, Hawthorne, Halske, Dell, Krupp

    DW (39): Agnes, Mabel, Agatha, Susan, Olympia, Mary, Carrie, Florrie, Margaret, Sophia
    DH (45): Werner, Joseph, Adam, Hans, Humphrey, Henry, Alfred, Matthew, Donald

    DD1/DD2 (20): Hannah, Grace, Catherine, Emilie, Rose, Winifred, Mildred, Mary, Sarah, Clara, Naomi, Geraldine, Hazel, Muriel, Ruth, Hildegarde, Minnie, Olive, Blanche
    DS1 (18): father's names, swapped
    DS2 (17): mother's names, swapped
    DS3/DD3 (15): Oliver, Declan, Gideon, Vincent, Samuel, August, Nathan, Ronald / Julia, Georgia, Alice, Beatrice, Anne, Cornelia, Charlotte, Fiona, Susan, Eliza
    DS4 (13): Richard, John, Victor, Robert, Woodrow, Phineas, Boris, Ambrose
    DD4 (12): Edna, Louise, Rose, Gretchen, Emma, Lucy, Hattie, Phoebe, Odette, Cecilia, Lila
    DS5/DS6 (9): Albert, Mark, Oscar, Max, Kenneth, Jerome, Ewan, Wolfgang, Sylvester
    DS7/DD5 (7): Simon, Michael, Lucas, Martin, George, Francis, Harry, Julius / Augusta, Helen, Edith, Ida, Irma, Selma, Josephine, Amy, May, Christina, Priscilla
    DD6 (6): choose from the entire namebank
    DS8 (4): choose from the entire namebank
    DD6/DD7 (2): Daisy, Minerva, Lillian, Constance, Lois, Yolanda, Ariadne, Guinevere, Prudence, Marian, Frances, Lilia, Doris
    DD8 (newborn): Ethel, Myrtle, Gertrude, Sybil, Sallie, Gillian, Harriet, Ruth, Florine, Martha, Nancy, Bertha

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    Emilie | Audrey | Klára | Lisa | Clare | Maisie | Arianne | Harriet
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    Abra | Constance | Nancy | Esther

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    Last name: Hawthorne

    DW (39): Margartet Mabel
    DH (45): Joseph Henry

    DD1/DD2 (20): Rose Hannah & Clara Emilie
    DS1 (18): Heny Joseph
    DS2 (17): Mabel Margaret
    DS3/DD3 (15): Gideon Vincent & Beatrice Eliza
    DS4 (13): Phineas Ambrose
    DD4 (12): Cecilia Louise
    DS5/DS6 (9): Albert Oscar
    DS7/DD5 (7): Simon George & Josephine Helen
    DD6 (6): Alice Phoebe
    DS8 (4): Vincent Michael
    DD6/DD7 (2): Daisy Marian & Guinevere Ariadne
    DD8 (newborn): Martha Gillian
    19. Directioner. Whovian. Name lover.

    Girls: Adelisa, Oriana, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Zoe, Genevieve, Annabel, Agnes, Jemima, Edith, Abigail, Adelaide, Eleanor, Henrietta, Tegan, Melody, River, Clara, Francesca

    Boys: Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, Adric, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn

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    Last name: Hawthorne

    DW (39): Margaret Sophia
    DH (45): Joseph Henry

    DD1/DD2 (20): Clara Blanche and Hannah Rose
    DS1 (18): Henry Joseph
    DS2 (17): Sophia Margaret
    DS3/DD3 (15): Gideon August / Charlotte Fiona
    DS4 (13): John Phineas
    DD4 (12): Emma Lucy
    DS5/DS6 (9):Max Albert and Ewan Mark
    DS7/DD5 (7): Lucas Simon / May Josephine
    DD6 (6): Julia Phoebe
    DS8 (4): Samuel Nathan
    DD6/DD7 (2): Lilia Marian and Daisy Frances
    DD8 (newborn): Gillian Martha

    Clara, Hannah, Henry, Sophia, Gideon, Charlotte, John, Emma, Max, Ewan, Lucas, May, Julia, Samuel, Lilia, Daisy, and Gillian
    -- Aimee --

    Margaret, Clara, Genevieve, Felicity, Niamh, Eloise, Adelaide, Fiona, Isabelle, Flora, Cassia

    Dean, Asher, Leon, Rowan, Spencer, Gideon, Gabriel, Logan, Alexander, Ezra, Jordan

    GPs: Ophelia, Keziah, Magnolia, Xanthe, Magnus, Bailey, Darcy, and Kiernan

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    DW (39): Mabel Susan (Hawthorne) Dell
    DH (45): Henry Adam Dell

    DD1/DD2 (20): Rose Catherine Dell & Clara Hazel Dell
    DS (18): Adam Henry Dell
    DS (17): Susan Mabel Dell
    DS3/DD3 (15): Gideon Oliver Dell & Alice Eliza Dell
    DS4 (13): John Ambrose Dell
    DD4 (12): Emma Louise Dell
    DS5/DS6 (9): Oscar Wolfgang Dell & Ewan Sylvester Dell
    DS7/DD5 (7): Simon Lucas Dell & Edith Josephine Dell
    DD6 (6): Naomi Charlotte Dell
    DS8 (4): August George Dell
    DD6/DD7 (2): Frances Lilia Dell & Marian Daisy Dell
    DD8 (newborn): Ruth Harriet Dell

    Simon Frederick ~ Walter Lewis ~ Charles August ~ Thomas

    Eleanor Violet ~ Alice Ruby ~ Rose Juliet

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    name-obsessed teenager


    marina beatrice, milun alexander -theo/thea?

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