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    DH: Sebastian John Ratcliffe
    DW: Fauna Marie O'Malley

    DS: Max Donald Ratcliffe
    DS: Flora Ariel Ratcliffe
    DD/DD: Ursula Jasmine Ratcliffe & Bianca Daisy Ratcliffe
    DD: Alice Esmeralda Ratcliffe
    DS: Robin Michael Ratcliffe
    DS/DD/DD: Peter Gaston Ratcliffe, Mary Nala Ratcliffe, Jane Tigerlily Ratcliffe
    DS: Christopher John Ratcliffe
    DD: Aurora Wendy Ratcliffe
    DD: Belle Melody Ratcliffe

    sebastian & fauna
    flora, ursula, bianca, alice, mary, jane, aurora, and belle ; max, robin, peter, and kit.
    Bertrand -bertie-, Wilfred, Léon, Axel, Cuthbert -cubby-, Maxentius, Aubrey, Phoebus, John-Henry.
    Émilienne, Livia, Annabella -abbey-, Maud, Rosamund, Kimborough, Clemency, Elizabeth-Charlotte.

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