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    Rhode Island

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    The Bohn Family

    DH: {35} Thomas Vincent Bohn 'Tom'
    DW: {33} Anneliese Veronica {Buranek} Bohn 'Annie'

    DD: {8} Wilhelmina Josephine Bohn 'Mina'
    DD: {3} Iphigenia Denise Bohn 'Effie'


    The Northrop Family

    DH: {43} Mitchell Sebastian Northrop 'Mitch'
    DW: {37} Georgiana Hillary {Nelli} Northrop 'Gigi'

    DS: {7} Lincoln Charles Northrop 'Linc'
    DS/DD: {5} Kieran Lucas Northrop / Eden Renee Northrop
    DD: {2} Paige Zara Northrop


    The Travis Family

    DH: {29} Finn David Travis
    DW: {27} Bethany Rebecca {Thatcher} Travis 'Beth'

    DD: {1} Mabel Hannah Jordan Travis 'Mae'


    The Platt Family

    DH: {43} Jonathan Wallace Platt 'Jon'
    DW: {40} Caroline Grace {Payton} Platt 'Cara'

    DS: {15} Stephen Michael Landon Platt
    DS: {13} Finley Kevin Platt 'Finn'
    DD: {10} Veronica Anne Elizabeth Platt 'Vera'
    DD: {9} Regina Lauren Platt
    DD: {7} Danielle Joy Platt
    DS: {3} Nicholas Lawrence Henry Platt 'Cole'


    The Church Family

    DH: {38} William Alexander Church 'Will'
    DW: {36} Grace Sabrina {Crusan} Church

    DD: {10} Matilda Elise Church 'Mattie'
    DD: {9} Hilary Amelia Church
    DD: {6} Bridget Noelle Church
    DS: {3} Kenneth Bradley Church 'Kenny'
    DS: {nb} Francis Taylor Church 'Frankie'
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    DW: Abilene Valentine Bowman
    DH: Tristan Kenneth Bowman

    Daughter #1: Willow Jade Bowman
    Daughter #2: Ivan Dylan Bowman

    Family #2:

    DW: Gwen Harlow Neil
    DH: Macsen Sawyer Neil

    SON #1:Lincoln Calvin Neil
    TWIN BOY & GIRL: Klaus Logan Neil & Everly Rae Neil
    DAUGHTER #4:Penelope Zooey Neil

    FAMILY #3:
    DW: Bethany Rowan Turner
    DH: Fredrick Duncan Turner

    DAUGHTER #1:Matilda Holly June Turner

    FAMILY #4:
    DW: Jaimie Wilma Peters
    DH: Connor Gregory Peters

    SON #1:Silas Malcolm Liam Peters
    SON #2: Frankie Kevin Peters
    DAUGHTER #3: Vita Arlene Ellen Peters
    DAUGHTER #4: Rosalie Letty Peters
    DAUGHTER #5: Daphne Jolie Peters
    SON #6: Nolan Leo Hendrix Peters

    FAMILY #5:
    DW: Grace Scarlett Carson
    DH: Wilson Abel Carson

    DAUGHTER #1: Margot Ellie Carson
    DAUGHTER #2: Hattie Adelaide Carson
    DAUGHTER #3: Brittany Nyla Carson
    SON #1: Kenneth Bailey Carson
    SON #2: Fraser Terrance Carson

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    DW: Acacia Veronica Bowman
    DH:Tyson Kendric Bowman

    Daughter #1: Willa Jade Bowman
    Daughter #2: Isis Delany Bowman

    Family #2:

    DW:Gwen Harriett Nichols
    DH:Markus Sebastian Nichols

    SON #1:Landry Cane Nichols
    TWIN BOY & GIRL:Kase Lawson Nichols & Everleigh Rayne Nichols
    DAUGHTER #4:Peighton Zoe Nichols

    FAMILY #3:
    DW:Bridgette Ruth Thayer
    DH:Frank Donald Thayer

    DAUGHTER #1:Magdalene Havana June Thayer

    FAMILY #4:
    DW:Julie Winona Pierson
    DH:Craig Gregory Pierson

    SON #1:Samson Michael Luke Pierson
    SON #2: Felix Kenneth Pierson
    DAUGHTER #3: Valeigh Aurora Elizabeth Pierson
    DAUGHTER #4: Reagan Lily Pierson
    DAUGHTER #5: Delilah Jasmine Pierson
    SON #6:Nixon Lincoln Henry Pierson

    FAMILY #5:
    DW:Genevieve Scarlett Clark
    DH:William Andrew Clark

    DAUGHTER #1:Macie Elise Clark
    DAUGHTER #2:Halle Anne Clark
    DAUGHTER #3:Braylee Nichole Clark
    SON #1:Kolton Brady Clark
    SON #2:Finn Thomas Clark

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    DW: Alice Vivian Brown
    DH:Theodore Kaleb Brown

    Daughter #1: Winifred "Winnie" Josephine Brown
    Daughter #2: Isadora "Dora" Delphine Brown

    Family #2:

    DW:Ginerva Harriet Nelson
    DH:Marshall Sebastian Nelson

    SON #1:Lyle Cade Nelson
    TWIN BOY & GIRL:Kent Liam Nelson & Erin Rosalie Nelson
    DAUGHTER #4:Paige Zinnia Nelson

    FAMILY #3:
    DW:Bridget Renee Talbot
    DH:Ford Darien Talbot

    DAUGHTER #1:Miriam Hermione June Talbot

    FAMILY #4:
    DW:Julia Willow Pennington
    DH:Christopher Graham Pennington

    SON #1:Soren Michael Liam Pennington
    SON #2: Flynn Kalvin Pennington
    DAUGHTER #3: Viola Allison Elizabeth Pennington
    DAUGHTER #4: Ruby Louise Pennington
    DAUGHTER #5: Delia Juniper Pennington
    SON #6:Nate Lysander Henry Pennington

    FAMILY #5:
    DW:Grace Sabrina Cole
    DH:Weston Andrew Cole

    DAUGHTER #1:Mary Elizabeth Cole
    DAUGHTER #2:Hannah Abigail Cole
    DAUGHTER #3:Bethany Nadia Cole
    SON #1:Kaleb Brian Cole
    SON #2:Frank Tyler Cole

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