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    1 Agatha Summer - This is my favorite combination-- old-fashioned and fresh!
    2 Mollie Cassandra - I would go with Mary Cassandra and use Mollie as a nn.
    3 Astoria Aidan-Rose - Nms and not a fan of the mn at all. What about Astoria Margaret, Astoria Rosemary, Astoria Roxanne instead?
    4 Hazel Olivia - Very classic combination.
    5 Charley Elisabeth - I would prefer Charlotte Elisabeth with Charley as a nn.
    6 Eliana Clae - Is the mn pronounced like Clay? If so, I'd probably spell it that way for clarity. What about Eliana Claire, Eliana Chloe, or Eliana Cleo instead? Those sound a little more substantial to me.
    7 Amelia Brooke - Very nice
    8 Violet Alicia - Something about the flow makes this seem a little off/hard to say-- maybe Violet Alice, Violet Amelia instead?
    9 Lila Michelle - I don't think this is a bad combination, but as a child of the 1970s, I still can't get excited about Michelle yet. What about Lila Margaret, Lila Micheline, Lila Maeve, or Lila Margeaux instead? Or maybe Lila Justine?
    10 Valerie McKenna - I like Valerie, but McKenna is nms. Maybe Valerie Mirabel, Valerie Miranda, or Valerie Maude instead?

    1 Kurt Alexander - Nice combination-- one of my favorites from this list - reminds me of the Sound of Music-- and this is a good thing!
    2 Jude Everson - Nice comination.
    3 Brighton Nicolai - Brighton is nms. The -on ending with the Ni- beginning don't make it a winner for me either. What about Brighton Jude, Brighton Edward, or Brighton Reid instead?
    4 Benjamin Blaise - Okay, I'm not crazy about Blaise as the mn. What about Benjamin Barnaby, Benjamin Alexander, or Benjamin Reid instead?
    5 Levi Dawson - While I like Levi, Dawson is too associated with Dawson's Creek for me to like it. What about Levi Declan, Levi Douglas, or Levi Duncan instead?
    6 Leo Justin - This is my other favorite combination from your list-- very nice.
    7 Owen Chandler - Nice classic combination
    8 Luke Adrian - Nice classic combination
    9 Henry Reid - This reminds me of the US Senate leader, Harry Reid, so I wouldn't go with this particular combo. What about Henry David, Henry Reeder, or Henry Adrian instead?
    10 Brian Oliver - Brian evokes similar feelings to Michelle above-- what about Oliver Brian instead?

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    1 Agatha Summer - not a fan of Agatha
    2 Mollie Cassandra - it's okay but I think Cassandra Mollie is much better
    3 Astoria Aidan-Rose - don't like at all, terrible flow imo
    4 Hazel Olivia - nice, I prefer Olivia Hazel though
    5 Charley Elisabeth - not a fan of Charley- prefer Carly or Charlotte
    6 Eliana Clae - Eliana is okay, not a fan of Clae
    7 Amelia Brooke - pretty
    8 Violet Alicia - decent, not a fan of Violet though- I think Alicia Violet sounds better
    9 Lila Michelle - pretty
    10 Valerie McKenna - okay

    1 Kurt Alexander- ok, sounds fine
    2 Jude Everson - I like it
    3 Brighton Nicolai - not a fan
    4 Benjamin Blaise - okay, sort of soap opera sounding
    5 Levi Dawson - this one is nice
    6 Leo Justin - I don't think the flow works
    7 Owen Chandler - sounds fine, nms
    8 Luke Adrian - I prefer Adrian Luke flow wise
    9 Henry Reid - okay, nms
    10 Brian Oliver- nms but sounds fine
    Anya Angelina, Alessandra Mary, Leah Susannah Claire, Mariana Abigail, Marisol Demetria,Caroline Michaela, Rikarah Jade, Liadah Cristina, Leah Cassandra, Alicia Cordelia, Eliza Francesca, Jade Antonia, Jessamine Faith, Audrina Rosemary, Sarah Evangeline, Catherine Ariadne
    Nathaniel Malachi, Wesley Joseph, Gavin Daniel, Daniel Alexander, Lewis Malcolm, Jared Levi, Jesse Gabriel, Connor Michael, Callum Wade, Keegan Jude, Quentin Dominick, Micah Lucian, Miguel Antonio, Adam Gabriel

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