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    May 2013
    North-east of Milan, Italy
    (All genders are randomly generated)

    Baby #1: Male
    Matthias Krane (Like it... sort of.)

    Baby #2: Female
    Mikaela Verandia (Eeh. Also, Switched the order because I would never name my daughter Verandia.)

    Baby #3: Female
    Naomi Rain (This one is awesome!)

    Baby #4: Male
    Oliver Meyer (This is awesome too.)

    All in all, I like the names.
    Matthias, Mikaela, Naomi and Oliver.
    I'm an Italian teenberry!
    I have synesthesia.
    Apologies for any grammar/spelling mistakes. I try my best.
    Also, I'm bad at naming boys. You'll almost never find me discussing boy names.

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    Jun 2012
    Name obsessed. Simple as that. Classic, vintage, modern, & biblical names are definitely my cup of tea.

    Favorite name combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Audrey Elisabeth*Stella Marguerite*Vivienne Claire*Charlotte Mary*Phoebe Sylvia*Naomi Grace*
    Ramona Kate*Ione Margareta*Beatrix Jane*Lykke Amalia*

    Favorite name combos for boys RIGHT NOW

    James Henry*August Fredrik*Caleb James*William Lars*Axel Teodor*Owen Nicholas*Isaiah Paul*
    Sebastian Charles*Alexander John

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    Oct 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    Sid Sakura (I'm an only child so I went with one syllable)
    Kirrily Alexandra
    Clementine Freija
    Lucille Willow

    Sid, Kirrily, Clem & Lucille

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