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    4 Children born to Ivor & Minerva Quigley, of France
    Gideon Clay Quigley, Age 22, Hufflepuff
    Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
    Wand: 8 & 3/4 inch, Holly Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core
    Patronus: Puma
    Occupation: Professional Keeper for the Quiberon Quafflepunchers of France
    Raphael Gogol Quigley, Age 20, Hufflepuff
    Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
    Wand: 10 & 1/2 inch, Cherry Wood, Threstral Tail Hair Core
    Patronus: Falcon
    Occupation: Worker at Spintwitches in Hogsmeade
    Linnea Kismet Quigley, Age 19, Slytherin
    Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes
    Wand: 9 & 1/2 Inch, Pine Wood, Unicorn Tail Hair Core
    Patronus: Persian Cat
    Occupation: Works in the Ministry of Magic Department of Magical Games and Sports, British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters
    Frances Ottoline Quigley, Age 19, Slytherin
    Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
    Wand: 10 & 1/2 Inch, Elm Wood, Phoenix Feather Core
    Patronus: Unicorn
    Occupation: Works at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, as a Physical Therapist for Sports-Related Injuries
    The Quigleys
    Ivor & Minerva, and their children, Gideon, Raphael, Linnea, & Frances

    you can call me gail
    names i like: have cute nicknames, soft s sounds, family meaning, or vowel-double consonant-vowel pattern

    □cecilia renee, kay wells, agnes, rosemary "rosie" augusta, isabelle "issy"□
    ■george, philip, thomas, bruno, james, mack, joseph, walter "walt", willis "will", franklin "frank", arthur, martin■
    ◊guilty pleasures: della, philomela, sullivan◊

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