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    Parents: William Xavier and Phillipa Salome Peltier
    Location: Scotland

    3 daughters:

    1st: (17) Cybele Galatea, brown hair, blue eyes, Gryffindor
    Wand: 10.5 inches, Oak, unicorn tail hair, Patronus is a kelpie
    Will be completing schooling at Hogwarts this spring and plans to work in branch of mother’s Apothecary in Hogsmeade

    2nd: (14) Lucinda Clarice, red hair, brown eyes, Ravenclaw
    Wand: 9.5 inches, Maple, Phoenix feather, Patronus is a collie

    3rd: (12) Theodora Zenobia, red hair, green eyes, Gryffindor
    Wand: 9.5 inches, Walnut, Unicorn tail hair, Patronus is a seal

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    1. Belinda Aura & Helene Caterina (twin, 17 y.o)
    both having wavy blonde and blue eyed.
    Belinda is in slytherin, Helene in hufflepuff.
    Belinda's wand : Eight and three-quarter inches, fir, dragon heartstring. Patronus: falcon.
    Helene's wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, oak, unicorn tail hair. Patronus: eagle.

    2. Aurelius Virgil (15 y.o)
    straight blonde hair, blue eyes. Gryffindor.
    Wand: Nine and a half inches, fir, phoenix feather. Patronus: bear.

    3. Lorcan Thomas (12 y.o)
    wavy blonde hair, hazel eyed. Slytherin.
    Wand: Twelve inches, walnut, Dragon heartstring. Partonus: panther.
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    Seraphina Juliette Liv. Evangeline Laetitia Odette. Catalina Ariadne. Valentina Bellatrix Yvaine
    Violetta Catherine Lenore. Isabelle Faustina Clare. Valencia Lyra Amoret. Rosalind Belphoebe
    Clementine Audrey Rowena. Annabelle Helena Lúthien. Vanessa Rose Aphrodite

    Peregrine Cedric. Gavriel Alexander Callum. James Luca Auberon. Caspian Felix
    Perseus Arthur Flynn. Cassius Jason Amadeus. Damien Alexei Orion

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    Gideon Hector Dagworth and Artemisia Callisto {Carrington} Dagworth have four children.

    Oberon Percival Dagworth is nineteen years old. He has hazel eyes and his father's black hair. He was in Hufflepuff like his mother, where he played keeper like his father and became prefect. His wand is fir and dragon heartstring, nine and a half inches, and his patronus is a horse. He now works as a quidditch reporter for the Daily Prophet.

    Arthur Jasper Dagworth is sixteen years old. He has brown eyes and his father's black hair. He is in Gryffindor, where he plays beater. His wand is cherry and dragon heartstring, ten and a half inches, and his patronus is a falcon.

    Felix Augustine Dagworth is fourteen years old. He has blond hair and his mother's green eyes. Like his mother and Oberon he is in Hufflepuff, where he plays chaser. His wand is oak and unicorn hair, eight and three quarters inches, and his patronus is an eagle.

    Calypso Diana Dagworth is eleven years old and in her first year at Hogwarts. She looks just like her father, with black hair and grey eyes. Also like her father, she is in Ravenclaw. Her wand is maple and phoenix feather, nine and a half inches, and her patronus is a swallow.
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    DH - Solomon Jared Duke
    DW - Lily Anastasia Duke
    DS - Felix Homer Duke
    DS - Adrian Garrett Duke
    DD - Rebekah Artemis Duke
    DD - Iris Clarissa Duke
    DS - Vaughn Cobalt Duke
    DS - Maximus "Max" Jude Duke
    DD - Ariana Bryony Duke


    DH - Solomon Jared Duke (38)
    Red hair that he keeps cut short. Vividly pale green eyes. Mum was Muggle, Dad was Wizard.
    While at Hogwarts, was in Slytherin House despite having a Muggle mum. Now, he is an Auror and capturing his old classmates everyday.
    His wand is 8 3/4 inches, rosewood, with phoenix feathers. Patronus is a horse.

    DW - Lily Anastasia Duke (35)
    Brown wavy hair that's all the way down her back. Tiffany blue eyes. Muggleborn.
    While at Hogwarts, she was in Hufflepuff. Now she owns a shop on Diagon Alley, filled with Muggle toys for magical children!
    Her wand is 9 1/2 inches, holly, with Veela hair. Patronus is a whale.

    DS - Felix Homer Duke (17)
    Red hair, but shaggier than his father's. His eyes are a complete replica of his Mum's. Now a 7th year Slytherin, he plans on becoming a ministry aide, with dreams of one day becoming Minister. His wand is an elm, 9 1/2 inches, with phoenix feather core. His Patronus is a jellyfish.

    DS - Adrian Garrett Duke (16)
    With his Mum's hair color and eye color, Adrian has the entire school wrapped around his finger. A star Quidditch player for Ravenclaw, this 6th year doesn't want to graduate anytime soon. But when he eventually does, he guesses that he'll be recruited by a pro team and play his favorite game for the rest of his life. What he can't charm his way into, he uses real magic with the help of his 10 1/2 inch elm wand, complete with a dragon heart string, like he didn't break enough hearts already! To match his already fierce personality, his Patronus is a shark.

    DD - Rebekah Artemis Duke (13)
    For some girls, living in their big brothers' shadows is a terrible thing. But Bekah loves it. Thick brown curls are her trademark and even the older girls try to replicate it. Plenty of her fellow Hufflepuff girls wished they could be as pretty as their housemate, especially with those pastel green eyes. But Bekah is much more than just another pretty face. A feisty girl with an even spunkier sense of style, she has plans, with the help of her 12 inch elm wand with a unicorn hair core, to open the first magical teenage girl fashion store on Diagon Alley. She also fights of the terrors of night with her Patronus of a bunny rabbit she named Harper.

    DD - Iris Clarissa Duke (10)
    This little goddess honestly just wants to go to Hogwarts already. Watching her older siblings attend and come home with the best stories makes her even more anxious. Although she is much more tomboyish than her big sister, she still loves when Bekah does her makeup. Trained by Adrian, her Quidditch skills have already surpassed anyone her age. She can get jealous of her big sister sometimes though. Isis have emerald eyes that she considers less pretty than Bekah's, but her strawberry blonde waves are envied by everyone.

    DS - Vaughn Cobalt Duke (7) and DS - Maximus "Max" Jude Duke (6)
    Max and Vaughn are not twins, contrary to popular belief. Vaughn's hair is black while Max's is a dark brown. Max has a hazel eye color while Vaughn's is dark brown. but in every other aspect, they are certainly twins. Plus, they will be attending Hogwarts in the same year due to their proximity in birthdays (Vaughn was born September 3, Max was born July 15). They are extreme pranksters and love teasing their sisters.

    DD - Ariana Bryony Duke (3)
    The baby of the family, she has to most leverage over everyone. With her white blonde hair and her mum's pale green eyes, she looks like a little angel. The minute she was born, she had her entire family wrapped around her little fingers. She displayed her magical capabilities when she was only a few weeks old, which is quite rare. Now that she's 3, she has grown in more ways than one. She can already read and write, and her magic is more advanced than even Vaughn and Max! You can expect great things from little Ariana Duke!
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    Parents: Crispin Matthew and Lily Adelaide

    DS: Isaac Marcus (20)
    ---Black Hair
    ---Hazel Eyes
    ---Wand: 10½” Walnut, Veela Hair
    ---Patronus: Tasmanian Devil
    ---Works at Weaselys’ Wizard Wheezes
    DD: Juliet Lillias (18)
    ---Brown Hair
    ---Brown Eyes
    ---Wand: 9” Elm, Phoenix feather
    ---Patronus: Dolphin
    ---Keeper for English National Quidditch Team
    DD: Adelaide Lydia (15)
    ---Brown Hair
    ---Brown Eyes
    ---Wand: 10½” Willow, Threstral tail feather
    ---Patronus: Cat
    DS: William Archer (12)
    ---Blonde Hair
    ---Hazel Eyes
    ---Wand: 8¾” Holly, Dragon heartstring
    ---Patronus: Arctic Tern
    DS: Henry Shale (12)
    ---Blonde Hair
    ---Hazel Eyes
    ---Wand: 9½” Oak, Unicorn tail hair
    ---Patronus: Leopard

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