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    Location: England

    DH: [41] Arthur Gideon Bishop
    - Appearance: Dark brown hair and grey eyes
    - Parentage: Muggle-born
    - Former house: Ravenclaw
    - Occupation: Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital
    - Wand: Eleven inches, maple, dragon heartstring.
    - Patronus: Panther

    DW: [39] Emmeline Violet Bishop
    - Appearance: Red hair and brown eyes
    - Parentage: Pure-blood
    - Former house: Hufflepuff
    - Occupation: Reporter for the Daily Prophet
    - Wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, elm, Veela hair.
    - Patronus: Unicorn

    DD: [17] Dahlia Frances Bishop
    - Appearance: Red hair and brown eyes
    - House: Hufflepuff
    - Wand: Ten and a half inches, willow, Threstral tail hair.
    - Patronus: Cheetah

    DD: [15] Penelope Hazel Bishop
    - Appearance: Dark brown hair and green eyes
    - House: Slytherin
    - Wand: Ten inches, elm, Phoenix hair.
    - Patronus: Phoenix

    DS: [14] Jasper Edward Bishop
    - Appearance: Dark brown hair and hazel eyes
    - House: Slytherin
    - Wand: Twelve inches, pine, Threstral tail hair.
    - Patronus: Wolf

    DD: [11] Ariadne Scarlet Bishop
    - Appearance: Red hair and blue eyes
    - House: Gryfinndor
    - Wand: Nine inches, holly, Unicorn hair.
    - Patronus: Panther

    DD: [11] Ivy Cordelia Bishop
    - Appearance: Light blonde hair and brown eyes
    - House: Gryfinndor
    - Wand: Ten and a half inches, cherry, Veela hair.
    - Patronus: Hawk

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    Location: England
    Surname: Fisher

    Damon Silvanus Fisher (43)
    He’s got stunning blue eyes and neatly kept silvery blonde hair. Born to a pure-blooded family, he has two older brothers named Dorian & Dante.
    When he was at Hogwarts he was in Slytherin. His wand is 11 inches, made of Willow with Unicorn tail hair core. After Hogwarts he went to work as an Unspeakable. His patronus is a porpoise.

    Magenta Josephine Fisher - Maggie (40)
    She’s got shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and deep brown eyes. She was born to a muggle family and has one younger sister named Hazel as well as a brother who died at birth.
    When at Hogwarts she was in Ravenclaw. Her wand is made of Fir with Unicorn tail hair core. After Hogwarts she got a job as a Healer at St. Mungo’s. Her patronus is a Siamese cat.

    Coal Morrison Fisher (16)
    He has long-ish messy blonde hair usually pulled back in a small ponytail and warm hazel eyes. He is in Ravenclaw. His wand is twelve inches, made of Cherry and has a Veela hair core. His patronus is a falcon.

    Oliver Jefferson Fisher (13)
    He’s got short blonde hair and deep brown eyes. He’s in Ravenclaw. His wand is 10 and half inches, made of Rosewood and has a Unicorn tail hair core. His patronus, though not yet fully formed, takes the shape of a Snow Leopard.

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    1. Annika Mercy, “Annie”, 17, twin of Susie, brown hair and blue eyes, Gryffindor, ten and a half inches, fir and phoenix feather, dove patronus
    2. Susannah Jessamine, “Susie”, 17, twin of Annie, brown hair and blue eyes, Slytherin, 12 inches, willow and thestral tail, Persian cat patronus
    3. Esther Luna, 15, auburn hair and blue eyes, Ravenclaw, 12 inches, fir and phoenix feather, arctic fox patronus
    4. Phelan Barnaby, 13, twin of Miriam, auburn hair and blue eyes, Hufflepuff, 9 and ¾ inches, maple and veela hair, falcon patronus
    5. Miriam Elisabeth, 13, twin of Phelan, blonde hair and grey eyes, Gryffindor, 9 inches, holly and phoenix feather, siberian tiger patronus
    6. Augustus Kieran, “Gus”, 11, brown hair and green eyes, Gryffindor, 9 and a ½ inches, elm and phoenix feather, arctic fox patronus
    7. Tobias Mica, “Toby”, 10, brown hair and blue eyes
    8. Frances Amelia, “Frankie”, 7, auburn hair and brown eyes
    9. Minerva Galilee, “Minnie”, 5, auburn hair and grey eyes
    Favourite girls: Amadea, Antonia, Cecily, Clara, Eleanor, Georgia, Margaret, Matilda, Pandora, Susannah
    Favourite boys: Archer, August, Gabriel, Harley, Joseph, Nathaniel, Phelan, Phineas, Rowan, Theodore

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    Parents: Beatrix Magnolia and Marius Orion
    Last name: Granger
    Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

    Magnus Henry
    -18 years old
    -straight auburn hair that sticks up all over (constant 'bed-head')
    -alarmingly bright blue eyes
    -Wand: twelve inches, Rosewood and Veela hair
    -Patronus: Marten
    -Professional seeker for the Ballycastle Bats

    Evangeline Lilith
    -16 years old
    -naturally curly auburn hair that hangs in ringlets to just past her shoulders
    -grey eyes (she squints all the time but never wants to wear her glasses)
    -Wand: eight and three quarter inches, Cherry and Thestral tail hair
    -Patronus: Siamese cat

    Alice Ariel
    -12 years old (twin to Declan)
    -straight black hair that goes down to her shoulders, she's always blowing her bangs out of her face
    -very dark blue eyes
    -Gryffindor, secretly wishes she was in Slytherin
    -Wand: nine and a half inches, Maple and Veela hair
    -Patronus: Platypus

    Declan Brick
    -12 years old (twin to Alice)
    -wavy blonde hair
    -green eyes hidden behind sleek black glasses
    -Wand: ten and a half inches, Walnut and Dragon heartstring
    -Patronus: Phoenix
    Girls: Beatrice Emmeline, Clementine Alice, Lana Magnolia, Ellington Briar, Violet Aurelia, Charlotte Ophelia, Evangeline Belle
    Boys: Benedict Gray, August Sebastian, Lysander Quinn, Magnus Roland, Julian Lestat, Mias Vincent, Castiel Sawyer

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    Isla & Gideon Sawyer of Wales

    Felix Seneca Sawyer (19)
    Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes
    Former Hogwarts house: Slytherin
    Wand: Twelve inches, Maple, Veela hair core
    Patronus: Bengal Tiger
    Occupation: Works at Honeyduke's on Hogsmeade

    Harriet Ruth Sawyer (15)
    Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes
    Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Twelve inches, Oak, Threstral tail hair core
    Patronus: Phoenix

    Nova Grace Sawyer (12)
    Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes
    Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Ten and a half inches, Rosewood, Unicorn tail hair core
    Patronus: Lion

    Arthur Donnelly Sawyer (7)
    Appearance: Blonde hair, hazel eyes

    Dinah Persephone Sawyer (6)
    Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes

    my current name loves:

    for the beautiful young girl: ivy, felicity, cora, rose, flora, josephine, virginia, anastasia, louisa, francesca, clara, saskia, wren, penelope, cassia, ruth, eleanor, jane, piper, juliet, eliza, scarlett, aurora, georgia, eloise

    for the dashing young boy: theodore, felix, hugo, august, henry, caspar, jack (looking for more additions)

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