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    Remus Valentino Malfoy - 13
    - red hair
    - brown eyes
    - Slytherin
    - 9 1/2 inch wand
    - made of oak
    - veela hair core
    - patronus: phoenix

    Eugenia Hollis Malfoy - 11
    - black hair
    - hazel eyes
    - Slytherin
    - 8 3/4 inch wand
    - made of oak
    - threstral tail hair core
    - patronus: dolphin

    Rafferty Odysseus Malfoy - 8
    - blonde hair
    - blue eyes

    Imogen Mercy Malfoy - 5
    - blonde hair
    - blue eyes
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    Parents: Flavius Xavier Lestrange and Carys Nova Lestrange
    Location: Scotland

    Deva Ardis Lestrange (14)
    Long, black hair
    Brown eyes
    • Hufflepuff
    • Eight and three-quarters, walnut with a willow core
    • Her patronus is a lion

    Frederick Inigo Lestrange (12)
    Wild, brown hair
    Shiny, blue eyes
    • Gryffindor
    • Ten and a half inches, cherry with a threstral tail hair core
    • His patronus is a horse

    Finbar Leopold Lestrange (11)
    • Short, brown hair
    Brown eyes
    • Slytherin
    • Nine inches, oak with a phoenix feather core
    • His patronus is an eagle

    Romulus Amadeus Lestrange (7)
    • Semi-long, auburn hair
    Blue eyes

    Arwen Zenobia Lestrange (7)
    Shiny, red hair
    Blue eyes

    Mabel Nerys Lestrange (4)
    Long, beautiful, auburn hair
    • Mysterious, green eyes
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    Tabitha Aspen Delacour
    - brown hair and blue eyes
    - Slytherin
    - wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, holly, dragon heartstring
    - patronus: horse
    - half-blood

    Luna Amaryllis Delacour
    - blonde hair and brown eyes.
    - Ravenclaw
    - wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, fir, phoenix feather
    - patronus: dove
    - half-blood


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    The five children of Solomon Boaz Black and Philippa Arcadia Black:

    Ariadne Tessa Black (19): A vivacious, loving girl, Ariadne takes after her father, Solomon, in more ways than one. She looks nearly identical to him, sharing his blond, wavy hair and ice blue eyes. She joined the same house as her father, Hufflepuff, and produces the same Patronus: a bunny rabbit. Her greatest achievement in her own opinion is her acceptance as a professional seeker for the same team her father played on, the Pride of Portree of Scotland. Her wand is nine and a half inch made of holly with a dragon heartstring core.

    Hyacinth Luna Black (15): Hyacinth is often mistaken for her elder sister as she shares their father’s blond, wavy hair and ice blue eyes. She also is a Hufflepuff and is very kindhearted. Her wand is a twelve inch fir, cored with vela hair, and her Patronus is a sea turtle. She loves working with mythical creatures and has a penchant for Charms.

    Dahlia Alice Black (13): Unlike her sisters, Dahlia looks very much like her mother, Philippa, sharing her black, straight hair and deep blue eyes. She is in the Slytherin house, which suits her dominating, enigmatic personality. She loves being the center of attention but is also very bright (not unlike her mother). She excels in Potions but is unsure of a career path. Her wand is a nine inch cherry with threstral tail at the core. Her Patronus is a scorpion.

    Seneca Abner Black (11): The first son after three daughters, Seneca was a certainly a surprise, especially with his shock of red hair and his warm brown eyes. He was named Abner after the maternal grandfather whom he so greatly resembled. His sharp intellect led him to Ravenclaw where he is very happy. His wand is a nine and a half inch oak with a core of dragon heartstring, and his Patronus is a centaur (the same as his mother’s).

    Leopold Fergus Black (4): Little Leo is the light of the family. He has an easy laugh and curious streak that leaves everyone in stitches. He sends drawings to his siblings at Hogwarts each week and looks forward to someday having a wand of his very own. Looking very much like his paternal grandfather, Leopold has dark brown hair and green eyes.
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    Location: Wales
    Surname: Bishop

    -Thaddeus Lincoln Bishop (38)
    ---wavy blonde hair
    ---brown eyes
    ---an auror
    ---nine and a half inches, maple, dragon heartstring
    ---patronus: golden fish (Izzy)

    -Charity Daisy Bishop (38)
    ---straight blonde hair
    ---brown eyes
    ---one muggle parent, one magical parent
    ---an author
    ---nine and a half inches, pine, phoenix feather
    ---patronus: rabbit (Sloane)

    And their 6 children: boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl

    -Magnus Redmond Bishop(15)
    ---wavy blonge hair
    ---brown eyes
    ---twelve inches, holly, dracon heartstring
    ---patronus: tiger (Chloe)

    -Agnes Jennica Bishop(13)
    ---curly red hair
    ---brown eyes
    ---ten and a half inches, elm, threstral tail hair
    ---patronus: platypus (Flynn)

    -Richard Malachy Bishop (10)
    ---straight blonde hair
    ---brown eyes

    -Grace Agatha Bishop (7)(twin to Felix)
    ---straight blonde hair
    ---brown eyes

    -Felix Walden Bishop (7)(twin to Grace)
    ---straight brown hair
    ---brown eyes

    -Cressida Isobel Bishop (4)
    ---straight blonde hair
    ---brown eyes

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