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    The family of Sinclair
    Location: Wales

    Name: Magnus Evander Sinclair
    Age: 60
    Appearance: Short curly black hair & blue eyes
    Blood status: half blood - muggle mother, pure blood father
    Hogwarts house: Slytherin
    Occupation: Part of the department of magical law enforcement at the ministry of magic, working in the Wizengamot
    Wand: 11 inches, maple with phoenix feather core
    Patronus: dog

    Name: Artemisia Halcyon Sinclair
    Age: 58
    Appearance: Long curly auburn hair & grey eyes
    Blood status: muggle born
    Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
    Occupation: successful author of academic books used by Hogwarts students on the subject of charms
    Wand: 12 inches, pine with a phoenix feather core
    Patronus: Persian cat
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    Surname: Knightley

    DH: Samson (Sam) Barnabas
    Apperance: Brown hair and grey eyes
    Parentage: Muggle-born
    House: Hufflepuff
    Occupation: Works in the ministry (Invisibility Task Force)
    Wand: Eleven inches, Pine, Threstral tail hair
    Patronus: Dog

    DW: Penelope Cressida
    Apperance: Blonde hair and blue eyes
    Parentage: Muggle-born
    House: Ravenclaw
    Occupation: Owns a business in Hogsmeade (Honeydukes)
    Wand: Twelve inches, Holly, Phoenix feather
    Patronus: Antelope
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    Arthur Tristan Sinclair is an ambitious, intelligent and charming Slytherin who dream of being head healer of the third floor (The potions and plant poisoning ward). He has auburn hair and pale green eyes. He couldn't imagine what he'd do without magic even though he didn't know it actually existed until he 11 and he received his Hogwarts letter. His wand is an oak, eleven inches with a dragon heartstring core. His patronus is a hippogriff.

    Celeste Lydia Sinclair has known magic all her life as she's a pure-blood. Her mother, an Ancient Runes professor at Hogwarts, passed her intelligence onto Celeste. Her father, on the other hand, passed down his creativity. Though many expected the exceptionally bright Celeste to become a teacher like her mother, she chose to use her writing talent as a means to make a living. She has black hair and her dad's big brown eyes. Her wand is a nine and a half inch rosewood with a unicorn hair core. Her patronus is a tiger.

    Celeste's family didn't approve of Arthur at first but he charmed them into changing their minds.

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    PART 1: Parents

    -- France

    -- Hale

    -- William Sirius Hale
    -- Black Hair, Blue Eyes
    -- One Muggle parent, one Magical parent
    -- Hufflepuff
    -- Owner of a magical business in Diagon Alley (Tomes & Scrolls)
    -- Ten Inch Wand, made of Cherry and Unicorn Hair
    -- Patronus is a Platypus

    -- Phillipa Ariel Hale
    -- Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
    -- Pure Blood
    -- Hufflepuff
    -- Works in the Ministry of Magic (Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Auror Office)
    -- 9.5 Inch wand, made from Cherry and Phoenix Feather
    -- Patronus is a tiger
    Writer, Reader, Teacher

    Girls: Isla (Charlotte?), Willow Estelle
    Boys: Harper Samuel, Jasper Nathaniel

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    Father: Crispin Thorne Ridgeway
    Age: 47
    Hair: Auburn
    Eyes: Green
    Parentage: Pure-blood
    House: Hufflepuff
    Occupation: A Novellist for young adults
    Wand: 10", Cherry, Veela hair
    Patronous: Scorpion

    Mother: Astrid Viola Ridgeway
    Age: 47
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Parentage: Pure-blood
    House: Gryfinndor
    Occupation: Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts
    Wand: 9 1/2", Willow, Veela hair
    Patronous: Siamese cat

    Picture of Crispin & Astrid together:
    View image: Crispin & Astrid
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