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    What's your story?

    You're a junior in high school when you meet a great guy who's new, and he decides to sit next to you in English. You start hanging out and soon you start dating. You date throughout the rest of your high school years.

    1. What is your name and what is his?

    After graduating, you go off to your different colleges.. you go to Boston University and he goes to Stanford. You get in an argument second semester.. and you decide to take a break from one another for awhile.. even though you don't want to. About a week later you open your apartment door and he's standing there with flowers and you take him back easily. Your relationship continues throughout college. Soon He proposes.

    2. How does he propose?

    3. Where and when do you get married? Where do you honeymoon?

    A year after you get married, you discover you are pregnant! On April 28th, you accept your first child into your family. It's a girl!

    4. What's her name, and what does she look like?

    5. Your little girl is now 2 and you decide it's time for another baby. Five months later you discover you are three months into a pregnancy with not one baby.. but three! WOW! On May 4th you welcome your new babies into your life.

    6. What are their names (you may choose gender), and what do they look like?

    7. On the way home from work, your husband sees a lonely puppy with no tags wondering around the streets. He decides to take him and bring him into your house. What breed and what is his name?

    8. You decide to go for the even five when your daughter is 5, and the triplets are 2. Even though you were only trying for one, you got two! Two girls. You want names that both start with K. What are their names, and what do they look like?

    9. You figure you are done having kids.. but obviously not when you land pregnant 3 years later. Twins again.. you seem to think that you have the charm with having multiples. You have a baby boy and a baby girl, what are their names and what do they look like?

    10. You have outgrown your home big time, and decide to move into your dream home. Where is it and what does it look like?

    11. The children want another pet, you choose a kitten this time. What kind of breed is the kitten, boy or girl, and what is its name?

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    Me: Samantha Rose Clark.
    BF: Christopher Edward Simmons.

    Flower Girl:
    Ring Bearer:

    Bridesmaids: Christine June McDaniels, Amanda Catherine Gilmore, Leah Rosette Jason, & Meredith Mae Bryce.
    Groomsmen: Benjamin Thomas Johnson, Christian Dane Feldmeier, Joshua Vincent Kuhl, & Edward Samuel Kohlhof.
    Flower Girl: Mackenzie Ann Michel.
    Ring Bearer: Josiah Timothy Bergmann.


    1. Cordelia Marie Simmons.
    2. Jasper Vincent Simmons.
    3. Brendon Saul Simmons.
    4. Sophie Isabelle Simmons.
    5. Kassandra Jane Simmons.
    6. Kaitlin Elizabeth Simmons.
    7. Declan Samuel Simmons.
    8. Hazel Charlotte Simmons.


    Dog: Buddy.

    Cat: Precious.

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    Me: Briony Emilia Jones
    BF: Rowen Atticus Ironwood

    Proposal: At dinner with the ring in the icing on a piece of cake
    Wedding: August 11th at the local botanic gardens
    Honeymoon: Fiji for 1 week

    DD: Genevieve Eleanor
    She has wavy blonde hair and hazel eyes.

    DD/DS/DS: Hazel Josephine, Edmund Louis & Alastair Rory
    They all have wavy blonde hair, Hazel has green eyes and Edmund Alastair's are blue.

    Dog: A male Border Collie named Toast Dog

    DD/DD: Kali Primrose & Kerensa Emmeline
    They have wavy red hair and green eyes. They are identical

    DS/DD: George William & Clara Vivienne
    George has wavy blonde hair and green eyes, and Clara has curly brown hair and green eyes.


    Cat: A female Siamese named Diana
    21. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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    LN: Edwards
    DH: Xavier Luca Edwards
    DW: Ophelia Lucy Edwards

    Xavier proposes to Ophelia when they are on holidays. When they are at the beach, Xavier writes the words 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?' in the sand with a ring at the end of the writing. We get married on a large farm property and then go on a 2 week holiday to Thailand.

    DD: Topanga Louisa Reverie
    She has wavy chestnut hair, light tan skin and bluey-grey eyes

    DS/DS/DD: Caspian Lucius Maxwell, Atticus
    Cory Samuel 'Kit and Megan Lillian Rosalie 'Meg'. They all have light tan skin, blonde hair and bluey-grey eyes

    We adopted a female blue heeler puppy, Zola.

    DD/DD: Kali Amara Jean and Kendall Lucinda
    James. They have light tan skin, blue eyes and chestnut hair

    DS/DD: Phoenix Arrow Kay and Amber Emerald Rose. They have chestnut hair, light tan skin and bluey-grey eyes

    We move to a large house in the country on a farm.

    We adopt a black domestic kitten, Annie.

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