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    Far North Queensland

    A Class at Coal Hill School

    This game is inspired by candler's!

    Your name is (choose) and you're an 8th grade (subject) teacher at Coal Hill School.
    Beatrix Larsen
    Estelle Hammond
    Cassandra Barnhill
    Penelope Gilmore
    Anthea Payton
    Elvira Sherwood

    Life Science
    Earth Science
    Home Economics


    1. (Amelie, Flora, Lilou, Maelys, Violet) Albano
    2. (Ella, Esme, Iris, Juno, Maeve) Arden
    3. (Brendan, Dexter, Harley, Liam, Rhys) Bartholomew
    4. (Edmund, Fabian, Hugo, Niall, Theodore) Butler
    5. (Cedric, Evander, Jasper, Maximilian, Xavier) Cantwell
    6. (Ariadne, Delphine, Elodia, Margot, Salome) Darnell
    7. (Belle, Grace, Jane, Nora, Zoe) Dempsey
    8. (Benedict, Finian, Isidore, Otto, Sebastian) Ferris
    9. (Aurélie, Dominique, Henriette, Mireille, Veronique ) Francois
    10. (Astrid, Hazel, Isla, Marnie, Willa) Harriss
    11. (Amos, Ebenezer, Ezekiel, Moses, Simeon) Irwin
    12. (Alexander, Gabriel, Jacob, Matthew, Raphael) Jewell
    13. (Alexandria, Cassiopeia, Emanuella, Evangelina, Theodosia) Kendrick
    14. (Adam, James, Jonah, Owen, Wesley) Napier
    15. (Aurelia, Evanthe, Juno, Nona, Xanthe) Pollack
    16. (Arlo, Blaine/Blane, Dean, Leon, Rex) Radford
    17. (Alviva, Elysant, Hereswith, Merewen, Ysoria) Urban
    18. (Balthazar, Cyprian, Lazarus, Octavius, Xerxes) Whitworth

    Personalities (you choose which personality for each child)
    1. immature, clumsy and stable
    2. selfish, spiritual and courageous
    3. competitive, curious and driven
    4. articulate, disingenuous and a born leader
    5. perfectionist, laid back and stoic
    6. polite, neat and a follower
    7. humble, eccentric and forgiving
    8. brilliant, egotistical and confident
    9. brilliant, curious and strong
    10. attractive, disciplined and trusting
    11. curious, compassionate and sensitive
    12. shy, coward and an athlete
    13. eccentric, polite and indifferent
    14. outgoing, brilliant and egotistical
    15. lucky, dependant, curious
    16. close minded, cruel and stoic
    17. genuine, stoic and immature
    18. brilliant, humble and sensitive

    Pictures: (you choice which picture is for each child)

    20. Directioner. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca
    Adelisa Genevieve | Clara Josephine

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George
    Edmund Michael | George William |

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    Your name is Anthea Payton and you're an 8th grade music teacher at Coal Hill School.


    1. Violet Amelie Albano - lucky, dependant, curious
    2. Esme Juno Arden - articulate, disingenuous and a born leader
    3. Rhys Harley Bartholomew - curious, compassionate and sensitive
    4. Niall Theodore Butler - brilliant, egotistical and confident
    5. Maximilian Cedric *Max* Cantwell - perfectionist, laid back and stoic
    6. Margot Elodia Darnell - shy, coward and an athlete
    7. Nora Belle Dempsey - brilliant, curious and strong
    8. Benedict Otto *Ben* Ferris - genuine, stoic and immature
    9. Mireille Aurelie Francois - humble, eccentric and forgiving
    10. Hazel Marnie Harriss - selfish, spiritual and courageous
    11. Ezekiel Moses *Zeke* Irwin - immature, clumsy and stable
    12. Jacob Matthew Jewell - brilliant, humble and sensitive
    13. Evangelina Cassiopeia *Evie* Kendrick - close minded, cruel and stoic
    14. Jonah Wesley Napier - competitive, curious and driven
    15. Aurelia Xanthe Pollack - outgoing, brilliant and egotistical
    16. Arlo Rex Radford - eccentric, polite and indifferent
    17. Merewen Ysoria *Wenny* Urban - attractive, disciplined and trusting
    18. Cyprian Xerxes Whitworth - polite, neat and a follower
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    Ms. Beatrix Evangeline Larsen, 8th Grade French Teacher

    Albano, Violet Maelys {perfectionist, laid back and stoic}
    Arden, Esme Maeve {attractive, disciplined and trusting}
    Bartholomew, Rhys Dexter {genuine, stoic and immature}
    Butler, Hugo Theodore {eccentric, polite and indifferent}
    Cantwell, Jasper Maximilian {immature, clumsy and stable}
    Darnell, Ariadne Salome {brilliant, humble and sensitive}
    Dempsey, Grace Nora {brilliant, curious and strong}
    Ferris, Sebastian Otto {selfish, spiritual and courageous}
    Francois, Mireille Veronique {curious, compassionate and sensitive}
    Harriss, Isla Hazel {competitive, curious and driven}
    Irwin, Simeon Ezekiel {humble, eccentric and forgiving}
    Jewell, Alexander Raphael {articulate, disingenuous and a born leader}
    Kendrick, Alexandria Emanuella {polite, neat and a followe}
    Napier, Wesley James {outgoing, brilliant and egotistical}
    Pollack, Juno Aurelia {lucky, dependant, curious}
    Radford, Blaine Arlo {shy, coward and an athlete}
    Urban, Merewen Elysant {close minded, cruel and stoic}
    Whitworth, Lazarus Cyprian {brilliant, egotistical and confident}
    "Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
    Glinda, Wicked

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    Your name is Penelope Gilmore and you're an 8th grade art teacher at Coal Hill School.


    1. Flora Amelie Albano - competitive, curious and driven
    2. Iris Maeve Arden - Directioner. Whovian. Name lover.
    3. Dexter Liam Bartholomew - curious, compassionate and sensitive
    4. Theodore Edmund Butler "Teddy" - immature, clumsy and stable
    5. Jasper Cedric Cantwell - shy, coward and an athlete
    6. Delphine Ariadne Darnell - outgoing, brilliant and egotistical
    7. Nora Jane Dempsey - attractive, disciplined and trusting
    8. Sebastian Otto Ferris "Ash" - brilliant, humble and sensitive
    9. Aurélie Mireille Francois - eccentric, polite and indifferent
    10. Astrid Hazel Harriss - close minded, cruel and stoic
    11. Ebenezer Simeon Irwin "Eb" - brilliant, egotistical and confident
    12. Matthew Alexander Jewell "Matt" - perfectionist, laid back and stoic
    13. Evangelina Theodosia Kendrick "Eve" - selfish, spiritual and courageous
    14. Jonah Wesley Napier - lucky, dependant, curious
    15. Xanthe Aurelia Pollack - articulate, disingenuous and a born leader
    16. Arlo Blaine Radford - polite, neat and a follower
    17. Merewen Alviva Urban - brilliant, curious and strong
    18. Cyprian Octavius Whitworth "Cy" - humble, eccentric and forgiving
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    Your name is Beatrix Larsen and you’re an 8th grade Latin teacher at Coal Hill School.


    Amelie Maelys Albano (competitive, curious and driven)
    Ella Maeve Arden (attractive, disciplined and trusting)
    Dexter Rhys Bartholomew (articulate, disingenuous and a born leader)
    Edmund Niall Butler (shy, coward and an athlete)
    Cedric Evander Cantwell (genuine, stoic and immature)
    Elodia Ariadne Darnell (eccentric, polite and indifferent)
    Nora Grace Dempsey (brilliant, curious and strong)
    Finian Sebastian Ferris (immature, clumsy and stable)
    Aurélie Henriette Francois (selfish, spiritual and courageous)
    Astrid Marnie Harriss (curious, compassionate and sensitive)
    Ezekiel Moses Irwin (brilliant, humble and sensitive)
    Jacob Matthew Jewell (lucky, dependent, curious)
    Cassiopeia Emanuella Kendrick (polite, neat and a follower)
    James Owen Napier (outgoing, brilliant and egotistical)
    Nona Evanthe Pollack (humble, eccentric and forgiving)
    Dean Arlo Radford (perfectionist, laid back and stoic)
    Alviva Hereswith Urban (brilliant, egotistical and confident)
    Balthazar Octavius Whitworth (close minded, cruel and stoic)
    "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."
    - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

    Hazel Endelyn Evelyn Luna Clara Isadora Grace

    Clement Archie Ambrose Redmond

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