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    20 year name game!

    20 year name game! Because I like these sort of games and decided to make my own. Name yourself and your husband, state when you get married, where you live, your jobs, and any details you want. For each year you can choose to TTC or take a Life Event.

    Use this :


    Roll once for amount of children you have this year… 1-8= single birth. 9-10= twins. 11= triplets. 12=quadruplets. Roll again for genders (even=girl, odd=boy).

    Life Events

    If you decide not to TTC this year, roll for a life event!
    1: You get a new pet! What is it, and what do you name it?
    2: Your family goes on a vacation! Where?
    3: You adopt a child! From where, and what is their name (gender is your choice)?
    4: You or your husband loses their job! How does this affect your family? What do you do?
    5: One of your kids gets involved in a new activity. A sport, an instrument, dance, etc. What is it?
    6: A family member gets married! Your family gets to partake in their wedding. Who is it, and how does that go?
    7: You move to a new house. Where do you move, and why? It can be close by, or somewhere completely new.
    8: You find yourself unexpectedly pregnant! Go to TTC and roll to find out amount/genders.
    9: You win the lottery! What do you do with the money?
    10: You repaint your house. What color do you paint it?
    11: Your family goes to a concert! Who’s concert?
    12: Your choice of the above, or make something up
    ♀ Hazel | Violet | Clara | Josephine | Ruby | Piper | Gemma | Ramona
    ♂ Julian | Isaac | Gabriel | Zachary | Ethan | Archer | Jeremy | Ezra

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    DW: Ashley Lauryn
    DH: Tobias Spencer
    Married when I am 21, he is 25. We both work as teachers, him as a high school band director and I as an elementary school teacher. We live in California.

    1: Baby girl!
    Hazel Elizabeth
    2: We go on a vacation to Myrtle Beach.
    3: My sister gets married! I am a bridesmaid in the wedding.
    4: We get a German Shepherd puppy named Coco.
    5: Baby girl!
    Skylar June
    6: Hazel starts ballet.
    7: Baby girl!
    Luna Christine
    8: Our family goes on vacation to Disney World!
    9: We adopt a baby boy from India. His name is Mohan Kartik.
    10: Baby boy!
    August Christopher
    11: Skylar starts to play soccer.
    12: Hazel starts to play the flute.
    13: We adopt a baby girl from China! Her name is Zhen Shi.
    14: We repaint the house sky blue.
    15: Twins!
    Levi Sage & Rowan Oliver
    16: Mohan starts playing basketball.
    17: Baby girl!
    Lydia Pearl
    18: August starts football!
    19: We go on a vacation to Europe!
    20: Baby boy!
    Gabriel Alexander

    Hazel (19), Skye (15), Luna (13), Moe (11), Gus (10), Zhen (7), Levi & Rowan (5), Lydia (3), and Gabe (NB).
    ♀ Hazel | Violet | Clara | Josephine | Ruby | Piper | Gemma | Ramona
    ♂ Julian | Isaac | Gabriel | Zachary | Ethan | Archer | Jeremy | Ezra

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    Henry James & Elsa Catherine Brown

    1: Elsa's sister Cora gets married. Elsa is the maid of honor.
    2: Unexpected pregnancy!
    DS/DS: Matthew Aaron & Thomas Christopher Brown
    3: Elsa's sister Maren gets married. Elsa is a bridesmaid.
    4: Elsa & Henry go to a U2 concert.
    5: Henry repaints the house. It was originally beige; now it is sage green.
    6: A baby boy is born!
    DS: Isaac Theodore Brown
    7: The family adopts a gray cat named Sophie.
    8: A baby girl is born!
    DD: Clare Elizabeth Brown
    9: Henry repaints the house again. It is now a dark blue-gray with white trim.
    10: The family takes a vacation to Chicago.
    11: Henry & Elsa adopt a 4 year old girl from Rwanda!
    DD: Mary Urimana Brown
    12: The family adopts a bulldog named Maximus ("Max" for short).
    13: A baby boy is born!
    DS: Samuel Elden Brown
    14: Henry loses his job as a columnist for the local newspaper. He uses this opportunity to write a book, while Elsa goes back to work full time, teaching some courses on campus and some online.
    15: Elsa's position is cut from the university, but fortunately Henry's book is a huge success! He is in the process of writing his second book, and the family is living comfortably.
    16: The family takes a vacation to Disney World.
    17: The family takes a vacation to Washington D.C.
    18: The family adopts another child from Rwanda; a five year old boy this time!
    DS: Abram Mukuru Brown
    19: Henry repaints the house pale blue, as voted on by the kids.
    20: Henry and Elsa win the lottery! They give a lot of money to charity, and take the family on a trip to Rwanda to see where Mary and Abe were born. The rest is put in college funds for all of the kids.

    The Browns:
    Henry & Elsa
    Matt - 18
    Thomas - 18
    Isaac - 14
    Mary - 13
    Clare - 12
    Sam - 7
    Abe - 7

    Sophie the cat

    Max the dog

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    Fiona Lillian (Jackson) Gibbs & Aaron Pierce Gibbs
    Married when I was 21, and Aaron was 23. We live in Denver, Colorado. I work as an author, and Aaron works as an engineer.

    1. We go on vacation to Italy.
    2. Baby boy, Kai Oliver Gibbs!
    3. We repaint our house yellow.
    4. Baby girl, Tallulah Winter Gibbs!
    5. We move to a new house within Denver, because we need a bigger house.
    6. Aaron and I loose our jobs. I join a publishing company, and Aaron starts a band with his buddies.
    7. Identical twin boys! We name them Vincent Cormac Gibbs and Bennett Lewis Gibbs.
    8. We adopt a baby girl from Japan! Her name is Naomi Keiko Gibbs.
    9. I win the lottery! With the money we expand the house, we put some into college funds for the kids, and the rest goes to charity.
    10. We repaint our newly-expanded house light brown.
    11. Baby girl, Edith Delilah Gibbs!
    12. We go to an Imagine Dragons concert.
    13. We adopt a baby boy from Ukraine named Ivan Dmytro Gibbs!
    14. Our family adopts a beagle named Ace.
    15. Aaron's brother Caleb gets married!
    16. Baby boy, Marlowe Theodore Gibbs!
    17. Our family adopts a British Shorthair cat named Orion.
    18. Triplet boys! We name them Luca Holden Gibbs, George Callum Gibbs, and Fletcher James Gibbs.
    19. We adopt a baby girl from Argentina! Her name is Emilia Pilar Gibbs.
    20. Our family goes on vacation to Italy, just like Aaron and I did 19 years ago.

    Fiona & Aaron, 41 & 43

    Kai, 18
    Lula, 16
    Vince & Ben, 13
    Naomi, 12
    Edith, 9
    Ivan, 7
    Marlowe, 4
    Luca, George, & Fletcher, 2
    Mila, 1

    Ace the dog
    Orion the cat
    Reader, lover of names
    Currently Loving:

    Hugh Frederick Rowan • Edmund Augustus Bay • Arthur Henry Valentine • Callum Everett Woods

    Antonia Violet Louise • Rosemary Cordelia Jane • Esme Anneliese Pearl • Marigold Elena True

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    British Columbia
    Me: Mary Margaret Hazel Sutton
    Him: Brett Alexander Sutton

    Year 1: We buy a house, an old four bedroom home in New Westminster, BC.
    Year 2: I give birth to a single baby girl, whom we name Adelaide Amelia Winter
    Year 3: We get a pet! A cat, named Kenna
    Year 4: We win some money in the lottery and use it to install an in-ground swimming pool in our backyard!
    Year 5: We get another pet! A pitbull, whom we name Daisy
    Year 6: We have a baby boy! Whom we name Julian David Nathaniel
    Year 7: We go on a family vacation to Ontario, to visit/meet Brett's family and sightsee in the area
    Year 8: Brett loses his job and decides to become self-employed, which he has wanted to do for a long time.
    Year 9: We have twins! A girl and a boy, whom we name Rosalind Esther Hero and Edward Lysander Yorick
    Year 10: The family (or, me, Brett and Addie) go to see Sufjan Stevens in concert

    After 10 years, my family includes me and my husband, as well as Adelaide, Julian, Rosalind and Edward (Or Addie, Jude, Rosie and Ned)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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