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    Apr 2012
    Yay! So excited!

    Location: Wales

    Surname: Malfoy <3

    DH: Ignatius Thorne Malfoy, a muggleborn in
    Ravenclaw. He has blonde hair and grey eyes. He
    is an Auror, with a 12 inch holly wand with a
    unicorn tail hair core. His patronus is a platypus...

    DW: Minerva Calypso Malfoy, a Ravenclaw with one
    muggle parent and one wizarding parent. I have
    black hair & brown eyes. I teach Defense Against
    the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. My wand is identical to
    my husband's wand, coincidentally. My
    patronus takes the form of a large black panther.
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    Location: Scotland

    Surname: Knightley

    Ewan Russell-brown hair, brown eyes, muggle mother & father, Hufflepuff, co-owner of Honeydukes
    wand: 11 inches, pine, Unicorn tail hair
    patronus: Comb jelly fish

    Astoria Luna - red hair, brown eyes, wizard mother & muggle father, Griffindor, co-owner of Honeydukes
    wand: 8 & 3/4 inches, walnut, dragon heartstring
    patronus: Siberian Tiger

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    My husband Ewan Orion Bonham and I, Daphne Abigail Bonham, live in Mullinger, Ireland. Ewan has Short, wavy. brown hair and Ice blue eyes. I on the other hand have Long, curly, dark auburn hair and medium gray eyes. Both Ewan and I are Pure bloods. Ewan was in Ravenclaw and I was in Huffelpuff. Ewan is the History of Magic prof. at Hogwarts and I am the new owner of Honeydukes candy shop. Ewan's wand is a 9 and 1/2in willow with Veela hair. My wand is a 12in Oak with unicorn tail hair. Ewan's patronus is a phoenix and mine is panther.

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    5. France

    Surname: Langston
    10. Rodgers, Northman, Malfoy, Patil, Diggory, Langston, Steele

    First name: William
    1-2: Arthur, Tiberius, Gideon, Lorcan, Tilden, Flavius, Kipp, William
    Middle name: Scott
    5-6: Mid-century Favourites
    Name: William Scott Langston - Will
    Medium/short wavy black hair and sky blue eyes
    Parentage - Pure-blood
    House - Hufflepuff
    Occupation - Works at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries (e.g. as a healer)
    Wand - Eleven inches, Walnut, Unicorn tail hair.
    Patronus - Horse

    First name: Phillipa
    9-10: Beatrix, Petunia, Octavia, Lucretia, Isla, Phillipa, Daphne
    Middle name: Celestia
    9-10: Celestial
    Name: Phillipa Celestia Langston - Pip
    Long light brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes.
    Parentage - Pure-blood
    House - Ravenclaw
    Occupation - An author
    Wand - Twelve inches, Oak, Dragon heart-string
    Patronus - Snowleopard

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    Location: Wales
    Last name: Stretton

    -Seamus Abel Stretton (24)
    ---straight brown hair
    ---blue eyes
    ---works in the Ministry of Magic - Department of International Magical Cooperation
    ---twelve inches, elm, phoenix feather
    ---Patronus: golden fish - Zariah

    -Honoria Sarah Stretton (23)
    ---straight red hair
    ---blue eyes
    ---Works for a wizarding publication such as The Daily Prophet - correspondent
    ---eight and three-quarter inches, maple, veela hair
    ---Patronus: falcon - Jude

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