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    Hello! My name is Carys Salome Swanepoel. I'm 45 years old and a professor of Charms at Hogwarts. I really love my job although it doesn't leave me too much time to be with my retired husband.

    Lysander Antonio used to play beater for the Caerphilly Catapults (we live in Wales). The first time I saw him play when when we were at Hogwarts, I fell in love instantly with this big, handsome blonde guy with beautiful brown eyes. He also had the same wand as me (11 inches and elm-made) except that I learned later that his was filled with unicorn tail hair whereas mine is filled with dragon heartstring. I was madly in love with him for a long time. But he never saw me with my common black hair and grey eyes... We weren't in the same house either: he used to be at Ravenclaw and I was in Hufflepuff. He finally got to meet me and we started going out when we were 15. We got married 5 years later.

    His Patronus is the Falcon and mine is the Persian Cat: I think they really fit with our personalities and appearance. Lysander is a half-blood. But this is not a problem in my family: although our blood is "pure", my parents were always very curious about Muggle-born people, like Lysander's mom.

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    Location: Scotland
    Surname: Crouch

    Parents -
    Name (male): Ignatius Zephyr
    Appearance: Auburn hair, Green eyes
    Parentage: One muggle parent, one magical parent
    House when at Hogwarts: Ravenclaw
    Occupation: Owner of a magical business in Hogsmeade – Tomes and Scrolls
    Wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, Holly, Dragon heartstring
    Patronus: Unicorn

    Name (female): Calliope Serenity
    Appearance: Red hair, Grey eyes
    Parentage: Muggle-born
    House when at Hogwarts: Gryffindor
    Occupation: Owner of a magical business in Hogsmeade – Tomes and Scrolls
    Wand: Eleven inches, Willow, Unicorn tail hair
    Patronus: Lion
    Eirawen Rayne, Linnea Astrid, Deirdre Rhiannon, Guinevere Aurora
    Alphonse Theodore, Kaspian Arthur, Soren Hugo, Peregrine Felix

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    Location: England

    DH: Thaddeus Adam Bishop
    -brown hair, blue eyes
    -Hogwarts charms professor
    -twelve inches, maple, unicorn tail hair
    -owl patronus

    DW: Maisie Rose Bishop
    -brown hair, brown eyes
    -daily prophet writer
    -ten inches, willow, phoenix tail feather
    -hare patronus

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    Harry Potter themed CAF-Part 1/3


    Location: Scotland
    Surname: McGonagall

    Name: Lorcan Conall McGonagall
    Appearance: jet-black, curly, short hair, sapphire-blue eyes.
    Parentage: pure-blood
    House: Gryffindor
    Occupation: author of history books about magic in Scotland and Hogwarts and its vicinity.
    Wand: Willow, veela hair, 9.5 inches
    Patronus: kangaroo

    Name: Penelope Andromeda (Granger) McGonagall
    Appearance: firey red, floor-length, wavy hair, grass-green eyes.
    Parentage: Muggle-born
    House: Hufflepuff
    Occupation: Professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts
    Wand: 8.75 inches, Fir, Thestral tail hair
    Patronus: youkai-kitsune
    Girls: Annabel, Gertrude, Maria, Molly, Millicent, Naomi, Rose, Varvara
    Boys: Abraham, Caleb, Dmitri, George, Ralph, Robert, Walter
    Unisex: Andrea, Ariel, Garnet, Kay

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    Location: England

    Surname: Sinclair

    DH: Crispin Jethro "Cris" Sinclair
    DW: Carys Arcadia Sinclair

    Hair color: Red (both Cris and Carys)
    Eye color: Cris has blue eyes and Carys has green.

    Parentage: Pure-blood

    House: Cris was in Ravenclaw and Carys was in Slytherin.

    Occupation: Both Cris and Carys play for the Falmouth Falcons; Cris is a Beater, and Carys is a Chaser.

    Wand: Cris' wand is twelve inches, elm, with a unicorn tail hair, while Carys' is ten inches, pine, with a dragon heartsting.

    Patronus: Cris' Patronus is a dog, while Carys' is a jaguar.

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