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    Location: England

    Crispin Lincoln Manning - Black hair and grey eyes - Muggle-born
    Gryffindor - Editor at Whizz Hard Books - 12", Oak, Unicorn tail hair
    Astoria Beatrice Manning - Brown hair and brown eyes - Half-blood
    Gryffindor - Auror - 8"9', Willow, Threstral tail hair
    Siberian Tiger
    Boys: William Thomas | James Malcolm | Elias Christian | Vincent Theo | Joshua Benedict
    Girls: Alice Genevieve | Miranda Yvaine | Ivy Arabella | Eleanor Audrey | Cecily Arianwyn
    Guilty Pleasures: Eglantine | Oisín | Zipporah | Étienne | Mitzi | Lidewij | Ceridwen

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    Location : Wales

    DH - George Orion Bennett
    ~ wavy blonde hair, brown eyes
    ~ pure-blood
    ~ slytherin
    ~ professional quidditch player, chaser for the Karasjok Kites
    ~ nine and a half inches, willow, veela hair wand
    ~ phoenix patronus

    DW - Rose Eden Bennett {nee Morgan}
    ~ straight black hair, grey eyes
    ~ muggle-born
    ~ ravenclaw
    ~ author of children's novels
    ~ twelve inch, pine and unicorn tail hair wand
    ~ swallow patronus

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    Hunter Jonah Blake (21)
    -straight blonde hair
    -brown eyes
    -Owner of a magical business in Hogsmeade - Zonko's Joke Shop
    -wand: Nine and a half inches, oak, Phoenix feather
    -patronus: Platypus

    Maisie Primrose Blake (20)
    -wavy brown hair
    -grey eyes
    -Hogwarts Professor - Transfiguration
    -wand: Twelve inches, willow, Threstral tail hair
    -patronus: Siamese Cat
    Emma Charlotte Turner - 20 years old who love names and books.

    Future daughters:
    Annabeth Snow; Ruby Florence; Elowen Paige; Arabella Jane; Primrose Jewel; Dahlia Iris

    Future sons:
    Sebastian Philip; Adam Riley; Austin Jonathan; Stellan Knox; Archer Viggo; Tyson James; Xavier Jonah

    Engaged to Weston Johnson and hoping for kids!

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    Me: Estelle Marianne Morgan.

    Home: England.

    Father: Arthur Owen Morgan.

    Mother: Charity Polly Morgan.

    Blood Status: Pure-blood.

    House: Hufflepuff.

    Occupation: Author.

    Wand: 12 inches, Cherry with unicorn tail hair.

    Patronus: Bird.

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    Location: England

    Surname: Hale

    DH: Ignatius Leonardo
    Hair: Red, curly. Eyes: Gray. Parentage: Pure-blood. House: Gryffindor. (your choice) Job: Works at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Wand: 12 inches, rosewood, phoenix feather. Patronus: Tasmanian Devil.

    DW: Octavia Christmas
    Hair: Light brown, long, wavy. Eyes: Green. Parentage: One muggle parent, one magical parent. House: Ravenclaw. (your choice) Jobs: An author of textbooks. (your choice) Wand: 12 inches, walnut, unicorn tail hair. Patronus: Platypus.
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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