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    Location: England

    Surname: Langston

    Father: Frederick Antonio Langston.He is tall, muscular, and has an amazing smile. He is clever and cocky at times but his wife keeps him in line. He enjoys playing Quidditch and is avery dedicated worker.He has Blonde, Wavy hair and Blue eyes. He has One muggle parent and one magical parent.When in Hogwarts he was in raven claw, where he met Rowena. His Occupation now is an author of magical biographies. His wand is 10 inches, Maple, and Phoenix Feather. His patronus is a persian cat.

    Mother: Rowena Elizabeth Langston. She is very pretty and intelligent.She has Long, Wavy, Auburn hair and beautiful Green eyes. She enjoys reading and being intellectually challenged. She is a Pureblood, but very kind at heart. When she was at Hogwarts she was in Ravenclaw. Her occupation now is an Ancient Runes professor at Hogwarts.Her wand is 10 inches, Holly, and Veela hair. Her patronus is a snow leopard.

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    'Remy' Ignatius Remy Carmichael, pure-blood.
    Valentina Galatea Carmichael, 1 Muggle parent, 1 magical parent

    Remy is a Quidditch player for the Spain International Quidditch Team. He currently holds the position of Beater, and is a fan favorite. Remy originates from England, but was raised in Spain into his late teens. He attended the Spanish equivalent of Hogwarts, but had he enrolled at the English school, Remy would have been a Gryffindor. His family is from a humble wizarding background. Remy's wand is made of Fir wood & Threstral tail hair, and his patronus is a shark.

    Valentina is the owner of two successful businesses in Diagon Alley. Her first entrepreneurial endeavor resulted in Galatea's Perfumery, *the* perfume shop for the European wizarding world. The second shop, simply named 'The Eye', is one of Diagon Alley's several metaphysical / psychic shops. Valentina is a severely skilled Seer, a talent she inherited from her American Muggle mother. Though Valentina is an American, her Irish father insisted she attend Hogwarts, where she was immediately placed in Ravenclaw house. Valentina's wand is comprised of Cherry wood & Veela hair, and her patronus is a Tasmanian Devil.

    Remy & Valentina currently reside in southern France.
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    The Morgan family lives in Cobh, Ireland

    Husband and father, Ivor Christian Morgan, has short blonde hair and brown eyes. He is a muggle-born wizard and was in Gryffindor house while at Hogwarts. He is a year out from retiring from his post as Keeper from the International Irish Quidditch team and is very excited to begin spendinng more time at home on the farm with his children and animals. Ivor is the owner of a ten inch, oak wand with a Veela hair core. His patronus is a sea lion.

    Wife and doting mother is Isla Faith Morgan. She has shiny, dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Unlike her husband, Isla is a pure-blood witch. She was a member of the house of Ravenclaw while at Hogwarts. Though they were at Hogwarts at the same time, Isla did not meet her husband until years later. She works as a Healer at St. Mungo's and she treated him for a Quidditch-related injury. The rest is history!Isla's wand is an 11 inch, rosewood wand with a Veela hair core. Her patronus is a cat.

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    Gideon Douglas Tremlett – Wavy blonde hair and intense grey eyes. England. Pure-blood. Slytherin.
    An author of novels.
    Eleven inches, oak, unicorn tail hair.

    Rowena Ivy Tremlett – Long auburn hair and large grey eyes. England. Muggle-born. Ravenclaw.
    Hogwarts Professor of Ancient Studies
    Twelve inches, pine, unicorn tail hair.
    Eyes aglow like burning coals, look away!
    Look away! For those who spy them ought pray.

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    Location: England

    DH: William Orion Bishop
    William has red hair and blue eyes. His mother is a muggle and his father is a wizard. He was in Gryffindor House at Hogwarts. He is a professional Quidditch player for the Appleby Arrows, where he plays beater. His wields a nine-and-a-half-inch fir wand with a threstral tail hair. His patronus is a lion.

    DW: Emmeline Ivy Bishop
    Emmeline has blonde hair and grey eyes. She is pure-blood. She was in Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts. Emmeline owns a bookstore called the Sun & Willow in Hogsmeade. She wields an eleven-inch willow wand with a unicorn tail hair. Her patronus is a tabby cat.
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