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    Location: Scotland
    Surname: Knightley

    DH: Neville Gray- blonde hair, blue eyes, pure-blood, hufflepuff, Charm's professor at Hogwarts, 8 3/4 in pine wand with a threstral tail hair, dog patronus

    DW: Penelope Grace- black hair, brown eyes, pure-blood, gryffindor, a healer at St. Mungo's, 11 in elm wand with veela hair, a cougar patronus

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    Location: England

    LN: Knightley

    DH: William Xavier; black hair, brown eyes; muggle-born; Slytherin;
    -Black hair and brown eyes
    -Muggle born
    -Hogwarts Professor, Defense Against the Dark Arts
    -Want: 9.5 inches, walnut, Threstral tail hair
    -Patronus: Cheetah

    DW: Lily Rebekah
    -Black hair and brown eyes
    -One muggle parent, one magical parent
    -Professional Quidditch player, Wimbourne Wasps, seeker
    -Wand: 10 inches, rosewood, Veela hair
    -Patronus: Panther
    just a 21 year old name nerd

    Emma Catherine | Ella Rose | Olivia Claire | Grace Caroline | Ava Isobel
    Owen Jacob | Ronan Gabriel | William Levi | Evan Samuel | Henry Graham

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    PART 1: Parents

    Location: Ireland
    Surname: Hale

    DH: Arthur Glenn Hale
    Character Description: Brown hair, bright blue eyes. He is of Pure-blood. When he attended Hogwarts, he was in Gryffindor House, but he now works as an Auror. His wand is eight and three-quarter inches of holly with a phoenix feather core. His patronus is a tiger.

    DW: Beatrix Eden Hale
    Character Description: She has dark blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. She is of Pure-blood. When she attended Hogwarts, she was in Ravenclaw, but now she works as a healer at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Her wand is eight and three-quarter inches of maple with a phoenix feather core. Her patronus is a unicorn.

    LOVE this so far!
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    I like this a lot!

    Home: Ireland
    LN: O'Hare

    DH: Crispin Jacob O'Hare
    -Thick, short, brown hair and Grey eyes
    -Chaser for the Irish National Quidditch Team
    -Wand is eight and three quarters inches made of Rosewood and a Phoenix Feather core
    -Patronus is a Phoenix

    DW: Callipe (Callie) Starr
    -Long, wavy, Blonde hair and brown eyes
    -Works as a Auror
    -Wand is eight and three quarters inches made of Elm and a Unicorn Tail Hair core
    -Patronus is a Dolphin

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    Location: France.

    Me: Aurora Florence Beaumont (Pure-Blood).

    As a teen:

    As an adult:

    Husband: Avery Daniel Beaumont (Pure-Blood).

    As a teen:
    As an adult:

    My House: Slytherin.

    Avery's House: Slytherin.

    My Occupation: Rosa Lee Teabag (Diagon Alley).

    Avery's Occupation: Tomes and Scrolls (A bookstore in Hogsmeade).

    My Wand: 8 and 3/4 inches, Rosewood, Veela Hair.

    Avery's Wand: 10 inches, Willow, Threstral Tail Hair.

    My Patronus: Panther.

    Avery's Patronus: Shark.
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