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    Sep 2012
    Location: Whales
    Surname: Sawyer

    DH: Cornelius Elijah - brown hair, brown eyes, half muggle & and half wizard, Gryffindor, Auror.
    Wand: 9 and a half inches, pine, phoenix feather
    Patronus: falcon

    DW: Phillipa Atria - red hair, blue eyes, pure-blood, Ravenclaw, Auror.
    Wand: 10 inches, rosewood, dragon heartstring
    Patronus: panther
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    ~Phillipa Ellen Gray~ 2/14/13 ~
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    Solomon Boaz Black
    blond, wavy hair; blue eyes
    Keeper for the Pride of Portree quidditch team (Scotland)
    Wand: eleven inch elm with dragon heartstring core
    Patronus: bunny rabbit

    Phillipa Arcadia Black
    thick, straight, black hair; blue eyes
    Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Wand: eleven inch pine with unicorn tail core
    Patronus: Centaur
    Currently crushing on:

    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

    Evadne. Cecelia. Thomasina.

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    Home: England.

    Surname: Bishop.

    Father: William Russell.

    Mother: Octavia May.

    Hair: Black.

    Eyes: Green.

    Parentage: Muggle Born.

    House: Ravenclaw.

    Occupation: Tomes and Scrolls (Hogsmeade bookstore).

    Wand: Fir, Unicorn Tail Hair, 8 3/4 inches

    Patronus: Golden Retriever.

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    Sep 2012
    Location: Wales
    Surname: Bishop

    -Thaddeus Lincoln Bishop (23)
    ---wavy blonde hair
    ---brown eyes
    ---an auror
    ---nine and a half inches, maple, dragon heartstring
    ---patronus: golden fish (Izzy)

    -Charity Daisy Bishop (23)
    ---straight blondehair
    ---brown eyes
    ---one muggle parent, one magical parent
    ---an author
    ---nine and a half inches, pine, phoenix feather
    ---patronus: rabbit (Sloane)

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    Part 1: Parents

    Location: Wales

    Surname: Beaumont

    Father's name: Ignatius Poseidon Beaumont
    Hair: Auburn
    Eyes: brown
    Parentage: Half muggle, half wizard
    House at Hogwarts: Slytherin
    Occupation: Works at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, alchemist
    Wand: Eight and three-quarter inches, elm wood, unicorn tail hair core
    Patronus: flying horse

    Mother's name: Aurora Mabel Beaumont
    Hair: auburn
    Eyes: green
    Parentage: One muggle parent, one magical parent
    House at Hogwarts: Slytherin
    Occupation: An author for Dark Arts history textbooks
    Wand: Nine and a half inches, pine wood, Threstral tail hair core
    Patronus: cat

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