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    Jul 2013
    Illinois, USA
    DH: Tate Cabot
    DW: Christmas Lark

    DS: Levanter Brisote
    DS: August Seaton
    DD: Lilia Magdelene
    DS/DS/DS: Salem Lore/Dante Layre/Sabre Acheron
    DS: Criss Laughlin
    DS: Jasper William
    DD/DS: Serafina Pax/Ceder Noel
    DD: Maura June
    DD: Olive Saoirse

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    Jun 2013
    DH: Frost Tate
    DW: Haven Snow
    DS: Zephyros Storm -1/1/2012
    DD: Summer Dylan -6/21/2014
    DD: Sunday Joanna -3/27/2016
    DD/DS/DS: Willow Lorelei, Shadow Blade & Damien Stone -10/30/2018
    DS: Ashton John -4/1/2020
    DS: William Adrian 2/22/2022
    DD/DD: Natalia Winter & Stella Joy -12/24/2024
    DD: Charlotte Elizabeth -11/4/2026
    DD: Meadow Sage -3/17/2028
    Gwyneth Berkeley (9/95), Landon Bradley (12/98), Sawyer Kymberley (12/07), Alivia Presley (1/11), Ingrid Hadley (4/13) & Harlow Ripley (7/14)

    Anthony, Benjamin, Carey, Carmine, Ellington, Hudson, Judah, Kingston, Liam, Luca, Ross, Ryker
    Astoria, Harlow, Honor, Ireland, Lorelei, Lorraine, Magnolia, Rydel, Vienna, Waverly, Willow
    GPs: Bauer, Hart, Noble, Oak, Rocky, Royal, Shor, Wilder, Zane/Beauty, Haven, Love, Oakley, Oceane, Rhine, Sailor/Sailor Mae, Snow, Sunday

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    Aug 2009

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    Feb 2011
    You and your husband:
    Cadence Wren & Tate Bogart

    Child One - Roll the dice (Even=Boy)
    Born on the 1st January 2012
    Will Auster

    Child Two - Roll the dice (Odd=Girl)
    Born on 21st June 2014
    Julia Pearl

    Child Three - Roll the dice (Even=Boy)
    Born on 27th March 2016
    James Palmer

    Children Four, Five and Six - Roll the dice (Odd=Girl)
    Born on 30th October 2018
    Eleanore Theda, Scarlett Willow & Lillith Luna

    Child Seven - Roll the dice (Odd=Girl)
    Born on 1st April 2020
    Remi Bess

    Child Eight - Roll the dice (Odd=Girl)
    Born on 22nd February 2022 (Also the day that Will and Kate's first child is born)
    Matilda Alice

    Children Nine and Ten - Roll the dice (Odd=Girl and Even=Boy)
    Born on 24th December 2024
    Clara Joy & Ivy Hope

    Child Eleven - Roll the dice (Odd=Girl)
    Born on 5th November 2026
    Lottie Florence

    Child Twelve - Roll the dice (Even=Boy)
    Born 17th March 2028
    Aengus Dillon

    Will (16)
    Julia (14)
    James (12)
    Ellie, Scarlett & Lily (10) http://twirlingbetty.files.wordpress...lets-visor.jpg
    Remi (8) http://vickijardine.files.wordpress....proud-girl.jpg
    Tilda (6)
    Clara & Ivy (4)
    Lottie (2)

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