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    Is August a classic?

    DH and I are making our top names list for baby #2 and I can't make up my mind how I feel about his current favorite: August. Augustus is a family name on his side, and while I do like August I can't make up my mind if it fits into our normally classic style. I normally love very strong classics with cute nicknames in the first name spot and would like to use August as a more unique middle, but DH really likes hearing it right out front. Our DS is Jackson Fielding nn Jack and my top choice for a boy Charles Everett nn Charlie. If #2 is a girl she will be Elizabeth nn Lollie (middle name TBD).

    What do you think? Does August work with brother Jack and potential siblings Charlie and Lollie.

    For a family name in the middle I'm toying with:
    August Lee
    August James (AJ?)
    August Daniel
    August David

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Yes, of course! Even though Augustus is the traditional English form, August is the German cognate, and a very royal one at that! It's much more classic than Jackson, for instance, which I don't consider to be a traditional name.
    Augustine or Austin would be good choices too.

    I love August David and August James (though I'd prefer Augie or Gus rather than AJ).
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    It is our boy pick. And I love it because it is classic but quirky at the same time and that is very much our style. It has a bit of a hipster vibe to it as well and that is another thing I like about it. I love the NN's Auggie or Gus.

    I like August James the best.
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    I love August. I consider it a less common classic as it has always been on the US charts, at it's lowest in the 70's and 80's it was in the #800's and it's certainly rising pretty fast, at its most common it got up to #101 and I think it may become more popular than that but I don't think it'll hit the top 10 or anything. So I'd say it's both classic and trending and fits right in with the other sib(s).

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    It's never been off the Top Thousand.

    I love it. I first fell in love researching a historic anti-slavery fighter/eventual judge from pre-Civil War Kansas.

    I have it on my list, it's just not on my first-son options because I have some family members I want to name after.

    I like August James best, if you're worried about classic James is certainly that. And I like AJ more than I like Auggie or Gus as nicks, not that August even needs a nick.

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