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Thread: Hidden Names

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    Hidden Names

    Have a name you love but aren't brave enough to or can't use? Maybe you can still use it in a more subtle way...


    1. It should be less than 5 letters.
    2. It must end in your last initial. (although if you aren't married yet, this doesn't really apply)

    See where I'm going here? Well if not, here's an example:

    Let's say you love the name Amy, but your sister just used it for her child. The kids will see each other often, so a shared name could be a problem. Your last name starts with a y, so maybe you could make your child's initials spell out AMY.

    - Avery Merida Y.
    - Amity Marie Y.
    - Aria Melody Y.
    - Amaya Morgana Y.
    - Alessandra Mia Y.


    I'm going to try some more...


    -Emilia Vivienne A.
    -Effie Vidia A.


    -Artemis Daphne A.
    -Avery Dahlia A.


    -Indigo Violet Y. (okay, I would never name my kid Indigo Violet, for obvious reasons, but it's a name game)
    -Isobel Violet Y.

    -Lucy Umbria Nicole A.

    -Winter Renn Eve N.

    -Lucy Ophelia Lahlia (it's from a book) A.

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