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    Downton Abbey CAF

    Downton Abbey CAF


    First roll the dice to see where you live:
    1. Duneagle Castle, Scotland
    2. Newport, Rhode Island, US
    3. Eaton Square, London, England
    4. Haxby Park, Yorkshire, England
    5. Dower House, Yorkshire, England
    6. Downton Abbey, Yorkshire, England

    Next roll the dice to see where if you live "Upstairs" or "Downstairs".
    Even numbers are Upstairs. Odd numbers are Downstairs.

    If you live UPSTAIRS roll the find the title and surname for you and your spouse:
    1. Duke and Duchess of Crowborough
    2. Earl and Countess of Grantham
    3. Marquess and Marchioness of Flintshire
    4. Count and Countess of Newtonmore
    5. Duke and Duchess of Norfolk
    6. Duke and Duchess of Truro

    And your surname is:
    1. Levinson
    2. Crawley
    3. McClare
    4. Gillingham
    5. Carlisle
    6. Painswick

    If you live DOWNSTAIRS roll the dice to find the profession and surname of you and your spouse:

    1. Housekeeper/ Gardner
    2. Lady's Maid/ Chauffer
    3. Head Housemaid/ Groom
    4. Head Cook/ First Footman
    5. Housemaid/ Valet
    6. Assistant Cook/ Butler

    And your surname is:
    1. Dawson
    2. Mason
    3. O'Brien
    4. Carson
    5. Branson
    6. Bates

    Choose names for you and your spouse from these name banks:
    DW: Rose, Ethel, Cora, Jane, Catherine, Mary, Agatha, Isobel
    DH: Robert, George, Michael, Reginald, Evelyn, Richard, John, Anthony

    Roll the dice again to determine the number of children you have. Roll the dice one more for each child to decide it's gender. Even numbers are girls and odd numbers are boys. A 6 is twins, so roll again to determine the gender of each twin. Use the name-banks below to choose a name.

    Child 1:
    DD: Mary, Rosamund, Sarah, Daisy, Vera, Madeleine, Ethel, Jane
    DS: Isidore, Robert, Hugh, Joseph, Philip, Albert, Archibald, David

    Child 2:
    DD: Annabelle, Susan, Edith, Agatha, Gwen, Ivy, Catherine, Audrey
    DS: George, Harold, Charles, John, Simon, Ethan, Thomas, Henry

    Child 3:
    DD: Rose, Rosamund, Mary, Sybil, Louisa, Daphne, Beryl, Lily
    DS: Matthew, James, Thomas, Herbert, Richard, Marmaduke, Samuel, Albert

    Child 4:
    DD: Isobel, Martha, Elsie, May, Edna, Freda, Daisy, Phyllis
    DS: William, Henry, Alfred, Edward, Charles, Jarvis, Richard, Reginald

    Child 5:
    DD: Violet, Lavinia, Anna, Lucy, Nellie, Marigold, Ethel, Maud
    DS: Patrick, Anthony, John, David, Charles, Freddie, Archibald, Hugh

    Child 6:
    DD: Ivy, Kate, Lily, Annabelle, Maud, Lucy, Louisa, Martha
    DS: Philip, Harold, Edward, William, Isidore, Michael, Matthew, James

    List your family!
    • Emma • Lilly • Emeline • Isabel • Lyla • Olivia •

    Jack • Luke • Matthew • Owen • Finn • Andrew • James •

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    • Emma • Lilly • Emeline • Isabel • Lyla • Olivia •

    Jack • Luke • Matthew • Owen • Finn • Andrew • James •

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    Northern Ireland
    where you live: Duneagle Castle, Scotland

    DW: Cora McClare Duchess of Truro
    DH: Anthony McClare Duke of Truro

    DS: Albert Joseph
    DS: Ethan Henry
    i am a 17 year old girl called Niamh Clare


    i will be using my ipad 2 , iPhone 5s or macbook air

    i love alot of names , too many to write down haha !!!

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    London, England
    Location: Downton Abbey, Yorkshire, England

    DH: Earl George Evelyn Richard Levinson of Grantham
    DW: Countess Agatha Cora Rose Levinson of Grantham

    DS: Isidore Joseph David Levinson "Isa"
    DS: Henry Thomas George Levinson
    DD: Rosamund Mary Lily Levinson "Rosie"
    DS: Edward William Charles Levinson
    DD: Ethel Lavinia Marigold Levinson
    DD: Maud Louisa Lucy Levinson "Maudie
    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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    Rose Lavinia Charlotte & Edmund Theodore Hugo
    Alice Cordelia Mary | Henry Frederick Arthur
    Trying: Arthur Wim / Arthur Pip

    My Name Blog

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