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Thread: Name Quiz

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    Jun 2012

    nicholas fable
    brenna clove
    sebastian hawk
    lacey plum

    cassia | vivian | flora
    peregrine | jolyon | arthur

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    Can't wait to leave, Oklahoma
    Catherine, an actress, dancer, singer, brainiac with a guilty pleasure of names.
    Current favorites: Lilliana Joy, Marley Sophia, Isabella Diane, Gabrielle Jolie, Charlotte Amelia, Callista Berlin, Hope Adrienne, Isis Amelie, Austen Elisabeth, Jetta Blue; Wesley Owen, Benson Chase, Matthew Keaton, Brandon Kyle, Carson Gabriel, Elias Marshall, Anderson Cade, Xander Hale, Josiah Henry, Spencer Steven

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    Jan 2012
    Midwest USA
    Rory Jacob (I was named after a dog)
    Liora Clove
    Bravery Hawk
    Hazel Plum

    my current name loves:

    for the beautiful young girl: ivy, felicity, cora, rose, carmen, flora, josephine, virginia, ramona, anastasia, louisa, francesca, clara, saskia, ida, wren, penelope, opal, cassia, ruth, eleanor, jane, piper, juliet, eliza, clio, aurora

    for the dashing young boy: theodore, oscar, nathaniel, darius, felix, hugo, atticus, conrad, wesley, elias, arthur, august, sebastian, lionel, harry, casper

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