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    Talking The Pendulum Game

    Fun and Simple Game:

    Step 1: Create a Pendulum – some suggest a strand of hair and a ring, while others tout a sharpened pencil with a needle and thread stuck into the eraser. I’ve tried both and gotten the same result with both methods.

    Step 2: Have your less dominant hand on a flat, non-moving surface – palm facing upwards, so the underside of your arm is showing.

    Step 3: Touch the tip of your Pendulum to your arm and then gently lift it off of your arm, keeping both arms steady.

    Step 4: The Pendulum should begin to swing. If it swings North and South (palm to elbow): BOY! If it swings East and West (side to side across your arm): GIRL! In between each child, your Pendulum will make small circles before moving on to the next child. If your Pendulum moves in a Diagonal pattern before moving up and down or side to side WITHOUT pausing: MULTIPLES!

    Step 5: When it is all done swinging (your Pendulum will stop on its own) have fun naming your children!


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    My Pendulum went: Up and Down, Up and Down, Side to Side, Up and Down, Side to Side, Diagonal Side to Side
    Boy, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Multiple Girls (twins do run in my husband's family yikes!)

    Liam Anthony
    Patrick Robert
    Kathryn Rose
    Jason Scott
    Viviane Claire
    Geneva Millay and Cassandra Elaine

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    DS: River Dax
    DD/DD: Daley Roux & Dessa Rae
    DS: Rogue Darwin

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    Favorite Girls: Adelaide, Annabel, Charlotte, Cora, Eliza, Harper, Kinsley, Lila, Madeline, Piper, Presley, & Vivienne
    Favorite Boys: Archer, Asher, Bennett, Crew, Elliot, Everett, Griffin, Harrison, Jude, Logan, Maxwell, & Owen

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