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    Cora, Coral, Coralie, or Coraline?

    Recently I met a girl named Coralie and fell in love with her name. I started to think of similar names but I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Which name is your favorite?


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    Coral is my favorite by far! I think it's just brighter & more modern feeling than the rest. Coralie & Coraline are about equal in my mind. They're pretty but somehow stuffier & very old timey to me- which is on trend & might be more your style, which is fine. Cora is my leasr favorite & just the same as Corie to me.

    In my mind...Cora is at the mall, Coralie & Coraline are in a parlor with flowery wallpaper & fainting couches while Coral is exploring in the woods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    In my mind...Cora is at the mall, Coralie & Coraline are in a parlor with flowery wallpaper & fainting couches while Coral is exploring in the woods.
    That's quite funny, actually! I love the Victorian era, so my very favorites are, of course, Cora and Coralie

    My husband has always loved the name Alie and it would certainly be a nod to my childhood friend, Alyson. Both of us are drawn to Rosalie-- however, in my opinion, Rose and its variants are just too overused for me to consider it a middle option (like the Marie's and Lynn's of my generation, although my husband wouldn't agree). Adding Cora only makes perfect sense, as Downton Abbey is one of our great loves.

    Kinda shirked away from Coralie for a while though, simply because of the meaning. I suppose the beach is growing on me since moving to NJ with my husband, but even at that, there are so many 'attributes' I would love to instill in my daughter through her name! If i were an avid scuba diver, had a caribbean honeymoon or even fond childhood memories at the ocean, etc, it would be personal, but in my situation, "coral" just doesn't seem substantial enough, not fully satisfying... But then again, I seem to have found other associations and I'm definitely considering it as a middle to fn choice Nadia. Coralie accents the unique beauty of Nadia, not over powering it, and bringing that classic, old-fashoined Victorian flare to her. Nadia Corinne nor Nadia Clarice (one of my favorites!!!) seem to fit the bill, as Nadia Coralie does...what do you think?

    I just can't seem to rule it out; I find it so very lovely and appealing
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    I chose Cora. Coralie is my second favorite. I used to be in LOVE with the name until someone told me it sounded "country" -- still can't get over that!
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