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    Help me choose between these two names please!!

    Hi everyone I'm expecting a girl and need some help deciding on a name. I'm really liking Serena and Maia [MY-UH] right now. They both sound somewhat exotic and uncommon without being weird. Which of these two names do you prefer and why? Also, please include some middle name suggestions for both. Thank you.

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    Maia is actually fairly popular right now if you check the SSA it's in the top 100. Not that it matters, just wanted to share. I know a few Serena's and they seem to like their names. I prefer Maia to Serena personally.
    *Magnolia Alice ( Noli) / Evangeline Violet (Eh-vee)/ Adelaide Clover (Laidy)/ Athena Florence (Attie)/
    Genevieve Winola (Vivi)/ Georgiana Marion (Gigi)/ Eugenie Marigold/Ottiline Hattie ( Tillie)*

    *Osias Grey (Si)/Augusten Grey (Auggie)/Thatcher Hawthorne/ Ignatius Wesley (Iggy)/Hawthorne Flynn (Hawk)/
    Beauregard August (Beau) /Fennec Inigo (Fenn)/Hugo Bosworth *

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    I prefer Maia.

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    I prefer Maia too =)

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    I like both, but I vote for Maia.

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