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    initials question

    One of my favorite combos is Grace Helena, but with my last name starting with B I am unsure about initials GHB. What do you think? Grace Elena and Grace Aileen are two related favorites I like and I am OK with GEB and GAB.

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    What is GHB? Seeing as I don't even know what that stands for, it's a lot better than GAB. As for the names, I love all three combos, but Grace Elena especially.
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    I think the initials GHB is just fine! Many times the last initial is placed in the middle of a Monogram, i.e. GBH
    I don't like the GAB initials it might cause some teasing during the teen years.

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    @encore - GHB is a drug that is controversial partly because it's often used as a "date rape drug."

    So, poster, I see where you are coming from. A shame because Grace Helena is so, so gorgeous! Hm. I'm trying to figure out how bad this is, in light of the fact that not everyone is aware of GHB. Also, even though I often use my full initials when initialing papers and forms, many people do a simple first-last (GB - Great Britain!) and leave out the middle initial. If you're worried about a monogram, a classic monogram would move the last to the middle, and you'd end up with GBH, also fine. Thus, I think you can get away with it.

    Grace Elena - I'm saying this as [ELLEN-a] and Helena as [HELEN-a] - is a pretty compromise. You could even stretch to Grace Lenora...

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    Thanks lemon! I agree it's not the worst - and as a girl she may marry into another initial (if she chooses to change - I didn't, and married another B surname anyway! : D), so I think it's doable. But I am leaning to go with Elena or Aileen. Lenora is pretty but Elena or Aileen have more meaning to me.

    @encore what is the slang with GAB? just gabby, like talkative? I don't see that as a problem. But is there something else?

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