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    Liverpool, England
    Finished compiling my boys list:

    Arlo, Atticus, Aeschylus, Agrippa, August, Alasdair, Arkadiy, Aneirin.
    Cashel, Cesare.
    Daniel, Dexter, Diego, Dickon.
    Edmond, Eli, Emery.
    Gael, Gratian.
    Hywel, Halle, Horatio.
    Jago, Jasper, Jiro, Joby, Joseph, Joran, Julian, Jory.
    Lochlan, Laurence, Leander, Lir, Luciano, Luca.
    Malachi, Meirion, Mordecai.
    Niall, Ned, Nicolai, Niccolo, Noah.
    Rory, Rafferty, Remy.
    Sascha, Schuyler, Seth, Sirius, Sora, Stewart, Sylvain.
    Thackery, Tulio, Toby, Tristan.

    ★ August Eli Benedict ★ Bram ★ Casimir Mordecai ★ Edmond John Meirion ★ Gillon ★
    ★ Jory Leander ★ Julian Charles ★ Macsen ★ Magnus ★ Vasiliy ★


    ★ Aira Rose ★ Arietta ★ Clover ★ Delphina ★ Eleni ★ Fiorella ★ Hester Isobel ★
    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    I love Alaric, as a pp poster mentioned. It's so striking. I heard it on a TV show and loved the character.

    My favorites are ever changing but I love these names;

    Miranda or Randz; seventeen year old aspiring writer, and name lover. No children anytime soon, but what's the hurt in planning anyway?

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    The longer I spend on nameberry the more names I love!

    I love the names in my signature, but there are really not that many I hate.

    I think there are situations, families, and people for almost any name.
    Olivia/Livia/Livy/Liv : Thessaly/Darah/Bethel : Noelle/Eve
    Benedict/Eli: Jude/Zane: Luke/Darius : Levi/Phineas/Calvin

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    Eliza Ruby - This name feels so spunky and fun to me. Eliza's not as formal as some of the other girl names on my list, but I feel like if I ever get my little Eliza, she won't care one bit.
    Josephine Alice - This feels like a name for a graceful ballerina, but I like that it wouldn't seem out of place on a tomboy.
    Katherine Annabel - This feels like the name of a girl who seems like she comes from another period in time - classical beautiful and utterly ladylike.
    Charlotte Amelia - When I imagine a daughter with this name, I picture a total tomboy - the complete opposite of what I picture for Josephine - but I like that the names could fit either personality. The perfect blend between feminine and masculine.
    Margaret Helena - When I imagine a daughter with this name, I picture her as my smartest girl, the one who gets the best grades because she works for them.
    Beatrice Lily - I imagine Beatrice as my delicate blonde girl. I think she'd be the youngest, because I don't feel like I don't 'know' her as well as the others.

    Julian Edward - I have so much love for this name, I cannot properly express how I feel. If I ever have a son, I hope this ends up his name, because this is the one boy name I feel so passionately about. I imagine Julian to be warm and loving, with a creative soul.
    Adrian Silas - This name wouldn't be ideal, especially with a brother named Julian, but I love this name almost as much as Julian for a son, so... Adrian, I think, would be a total guy's guy, but he'd also have manners and treat ladies with respect.
    Emmett Oliver/Emmett Adrian - Emmett's another one of those names I could totally picture on a son of mine. In my head, he's my biggest boy, and, like Adrian, a total guy's guy, but he's also got a sweet side, so he's like this gentle giant.
    Alexander Gray - I think if I had a son named this, he would be so much like Emmett and Adrian that, if they were brothers, they'd be referred to as the Three Musketeers. The only difference is that he would have a lankier build and be more of a soccer player than a baseball or football or even a hockey player.
    Theodore August - Theodore would be the female counterpart to Margaret, I think. Perhaps a future scientist who will eventually find a cure for cancer or AIDS, or some other horrible disease.

    Other names I love:
    Evelyn Susannah
    Gemma Rosalie
    Hannah Cecily/Hannah Felicity
    Lillian Audrey
    Louisa Carey
    Lucy Verity
    Lydia Jane/Lydia Violet
    Matilda Iris
    Philippa Violet
    Rose Alexandrine
    Victoria Scarlett

    Cedric Owen
    Dexter Milo
    Edmund Arthur
    James Leopold
    Jasper Milo
    John Everett
    Lucian Henry
    Maxwell Gray
    Rowan Oliver
    Samuel Felix
    William Rufus
    Annie, mid-twenties, vegetarian, name lover. No kids yet, just two furbabies - Roxy & Layla.
    Top favorites for a girl: Beatrice Lily, Charlotte Amelia, Clara Louisa, Eliza Ruby, Josephine Alice, Katherine Annabel, Lillian Audrey, Margaret Helena, Matilda Iris, Philippa Violet
    Top favorites for a boy: Adrian Silas, Alexander Gray, Emmett Oliver, Jasper Milo, Julian Edward, Lucian Henry, Nathaniel August, Samuel Owen, Rowan Felix, Theodore August

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