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    Why does everyone dislike Alannah?

    I'm hoping you Berries can help me out with this one: it means 'my child' in Irish and is used as a term of endearment in Ireland, pronounced a-LAHN-a.

    I seem to get a negative reaction to it. Is there something I'm missing?

    What do you think of the full name Alannah Elizabeth James?

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    This is the name of an incredibly obnoxious little girl on a popular U.S. TV show right now (spelled Alana), so that could be why. I'm not a fan of the name, mainly because I don't like the sound. That said, if you like it, you should still use it.

    Other names to consider:

    Lana (pronounced the same, but without the opening "ah" sound)
    Elena (Uh-LAY-nah) -- a bit different, but close.

    Lana Elizabeth James
    Elena Elizabeth James

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    I don't mind Alana/Alannah although the "Lana" part sounds a bit dated to me (Lana Turner was a popular actress in the 40's and 50's) However, singer Lana del Ray may spark some interest in the name again. The only drawback I can see is that Alana Thompson is reality child star Honey Boo Boo's real name so it may be considered "downmarket" for lack of a better term.
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    Personally, I'm just tired of the names loaded with As and Ls. Alana, Lana, Layna, Layla, Liliana, etc.
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