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    OK, what do you think? Last Ava post, I promise!

    Earlier I posted 'In love with a trendy name' and received such encouragement to use the name Ava despite it's popularity, which I was so happy about! We were thinking Ava Grace until someone recently suggested Ava Juliette which I love even more!!! I came home from work excited about 'Ava Juliette', I just think it sounds so pretty! Hubby said he thinks it's perfect too! Also, hubs referred to her as 'Ava' this evening at home depot! That's the first time he referred to her as something other than 'the baby'.. which made me feel really good. So, what do you ladies think of Ava Juliette? This is our first baby. A few days ago I felt hopeless and a little overwhelmed finding a name, but after posting my doubts on here I'm so happy something is falling into place! Would love to hear your opinions though on the new middle name.

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    Ava Juliette is gorgeous!! Congrats on your first baby

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    I think it's a beautiful name.

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    I love Ava Juliette! Great choice! It is very stunning and somewhat unexpected. I wish I could use Ava. Maybe if I have a girl in a few years, and the Avas I know are older. Congratulations!

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    I adore Ava Juliette! It is classic and beautiful, stunning really. Juliette is such a wonderful surprise as a middle name.

    The fact that your husband is on board makes it even better. Congrats!
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