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    First names for MN Beatrix?

    I heart Beatrix Potter. I'm currently reading a biography of her (A Life In Nature by Linda Lear) and loving her more and more for every page I read! I'd love to use the name Beatrix, but can't as a first name because my husband's cousin's daughter is named Beatrice (which we think is really too similar). We see them a lot, too, so we really can't have a Beatrix. BUT we can have Beatrix as a middle name! Here are a few combinations I've come up with. Could you please let me know your favourite and if you have any other suggestions? Thank you kindly berries

    Agatha Beatrix
    Alice Beatrix
    Cecilia Beatrix
    Charlotte Beatrix
    Clara Beatrix
    Daphne Beatrix
    Eloise Beatrix
    Flora Beatrix
    Gwendolyn Beatrix
    Harriet Beatrix
    Hazel Beatrix
    Henrietta Beatrix
    Imogen Beatrix
    Lucinda Beatrix
    Margaret Beatrix
    Margot Beatrix
    Penelope Beatrix
    Susannah Beatrix
    Tabitha Beatrix
    Violet Beatrix

    I could've probably added more, but these are the best of what I can think of! I'd love for you to add your own combinations
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    Flora Beatrix and Gwendolyn Beatrix really stand out to me. Lovely! I know a sweet toddler named Lucy Beatrix, so I also have to put in a good word for the idea of Lucinda Beatrix.

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    I like the flow of these the best:
    Alice Beatrix
    Charlotte Beatrix
    Flora Beatrix
    Imogen Beatrix
    Violet Beatrix

    I think Alice, Charlotte, and Violet are my favorites with Beatrix (and what a lovely namesake in Beatrix Potter!)

    Other suggestions:
    Maeve Beatrix
    Rose Beatrix
    Agnes Beatrix
    Mary Beatrix
    Amelia Beatrix
    Emily Beatrix (I know Emily is incredibly popular, but I can't help but love her.)
    Jane Beatrix
    Evelyn Beatrix
    Sylvie Beatrix
    Sylvia Beatrix
    Lucy Beatrix
    Cora Beatrix
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    I love Clara Beatrix, Hazel Beatrix, and Margot Beatrix from your list.

    I also really like

    Jane Beatrix
    Anna Beatriix (nn Annie Bea)
    Lily Beatrix
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