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Thread: Non-Name Names

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    Non-Name Names

    List words that if taken on sound alone sound like names. Take meaning and context out of the picture! Be creative.

    Try to think of 5 names (or more if you can) and add to the list.

    I'll start:

    Generic (similar to Eric)
    Chlamydia (similar to Chloe, Lydia)
    Belly (similar to Bailey, Ellie)
    Citrus (similar to Atlas)
    Wagon (similar to Mason, -en boys names)

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    Carpet (sounds like Charlotte, Scarlett)
    Different (sounds like Millicent)
    Bunting (sounds like Dustin)
    Eject (sounds like Eric, also)
    Centerpiece (sounds like Emmeline)
    SIMONE ~ 15

    Hazel Gabrielle • Laurie Belle • Camden Sayer • Declan Joseph • Blake Samuel • Lorelei Catherine • Sullivan Jacob • Beckett Sean • Reece Nolan • Charlotte Leanna • Connor Jamison • Warren Kiefer • Collin Axel • Sawyer Mason

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    Painter (sounds like Taylor)
    Rubella (sounds like Isabella, Annabella)
    Mirror (sounds like Mila, Mirabelle)
    Anime (sounds like Anna, May)
    Jovial (sounds like Josephine, Nova)
    Mum to Ezekiel Andrew

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    Maroon (sounds like Luna, June, Marin)
    Cardigan (sounds like Carrigan)
    Poser (sounds like Rose and variations)
    Furry (sounds like Mary, Marie)
    Collar (sounds like Oliver)

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