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    Rosamund is my favourite.
    I also adore just Rosa, Rosalia, Primrose, Rosalba, Roswitha, Rosalind, Rosaria, Rosenda, Rosetta, Roseanna, Rohesia and Rhoda.

    For boys I love Royce/Royse. And Rosario, Rosendo and Ambrose if it counts.
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    From books and music:
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    Lórien Madrigal Melusine + Alaïs Antimony Blythe + Gwladus Rosa Rixende

    Cian Alabaster Lucien + Coren Iroko Nightingale + Sufjan Sirius Tamlane
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    Rosalie is the prettiest I think. Or just Rose.

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    Simple old Rose is my favorite.

    I also have a soft spot for Rosamund, Rosemary and Rosalind. Oh and Rosabel is a GP.
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    I love 'just' Rose.
    I had a friend named Rozalyn at school and loved her name, I'd change the spelling to Rosaline though.
    Favourite Girls: Iris, Mabel, Beatrice, Penelope and Aurora.
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    Roselle - I think its elegant and more unique than the typical variations

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