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Thread: Creepy names

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    Exclamation Creepy names

    I'm writing a novel and I need some names for these types of characters
    ~Shape shifters
    I want them to have meanings, for example my main characters name is Magna and it means Strength which matches her. So if it's a demon name, for example, it should mean something like deceptive or evil. Please help!

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    Some ideas:

    Mermaids / Mermen / Fairies
    Adriana / Adrian = "of the sea"
    I'm still not sure what kind of names you want since I don't know who your characters are, but maybe Greek names like Kyriake? Sirens, similar creatures to mermaids, were in Greek mythology. I suggest researching sirens, actually, considering the list of creatures you have here.
    Aquila = "eagle"

    Angels and Demons
    For angels and demons, invent anything with "el" which means god. That's what most of the ones appearing in mythology / religious texts have. For example MichaEL, SamaEL, HaniEL, SariEL, ShamsiEL, GabriEL and RaphaEL are all names of supposed angels / fallen angels (I guess fallen angels are just kinda demons, really.) If you need a feminine name, make an "el" name and just stick an "A" on the end like Michaela, Raphaela, Gabriela etc.
    Random invented ideas:
    Liriel / Liriela
    Zephael / Zephaela
    Sorinel / Sorinela
    Avriel / Avriela
    Yenael / Yenaela
    You get the idea.

    Ghosts, Zombies and Witches, Seducers / Seductresses
    Technically they are all people and will have ordinary people names, but they would be time appropriate (so, a medieval name for a medieval witch / ghost.)
    Amber. 17. Happy Hallowe'en.
    Roxana \ Marilyn ≶ Ксения \ Милана \ Алёна \ Арина \ Злата
    Даниил / Роман / Артемий ≶ Victor / Myron / Sylvan / Vincent / Lucien

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    So I went with meaning more so than creepiness. I'm pressed for time, so I can only do girls - sorry!

    Beryl - a seagreen jewel
    Calypso - sea nymph who kept Odysseus captive
    Marina - from the sea
    Maris - of the sea
    Morgana - edge of the sea
    Nerine - sea-nymph
    Nerissa - of the sea
    Pelagia - the sea
    Sula - large sea bird
    Thalassa - from the sea
    Ula - sea jewel
    (using "dark" as the base search for this)
    Adrienne - dark, rich
    Darcy - dark
    Dee - black, dark
    Ebony - a dark, hard wood
    Garnet - a dark red gem
    Kerry - dark; dark-haired
    Leila - dark as night
    Lisha - the darkness before midnight
    Maureen - dark-skinned
    Melanie - dark-clothed
    Melantha - dark flower
    Melinda - dark

    (using "moon." Apparently no names mean dog)
    Chandra - moon-like
    Cynthia - moon
    Delia - name for the Greek moon goddess
    Deva - name for the Hindu moon goddess
    Diana - name for the Roman moon goddess (and of other stuff)
    Isis - Egyptian moon goddess
    Kamaria - moon-like
    Levana - moon
    Luna - moon
    Magena - the coming moon
    Neona - new moon
    Selena - moon

    ~Shape shifters
    Sorry...apparently no names mean change...Maybe a modernized form of an old name? Like Emmalee or Abbygail?

    Hermosa - beautiful
    Ilona - beautiful
    Jacinda - beautiful, comely
    Jamila - beautiful
    Keely - beautiful
    Nani - beautiful
    Noelani - beautiful one from Heaven
    Shaina - beautiful
    Shifra - beautiful
    Alida - beautifully dressed
    Alina - bright, beautiful
    Calla - beautiful
    Callista - most beautiful
    Farrah - beautiful or pleasant

    That's all I have time for. I might be back later with more suggestions!
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    I'm back!

    Why do no names mean magical (that I could find, anyways?) I think nymphs and such, so maybe all the sea nymph names I previously listed, plus Echo - the nymph who fell in love with Narcissus.
    Fay - fairy, elf
    Shea - from the fairy fort
    Ella - elf, beautiful fairy woman
    Titania - queen of the fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Aubrey - bond ruler, elf ruler
    Elvira - elf-coucil, excelling
    Luella - elf
    Nissa - friendly elf or brownie

    Angela (Angelica, Angie) - angel, messenger
    Seraphina - the highest order of angels are the Seraphim
    Arella - angel messenger

    Most people don't want to name their kids "bad," so nothing there

    See above. Although I thought Lilith had something to do with ghosts. My book must be flawed.

    Anything to do with the elves. They're the most magical creatures I can find.
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence and so many many more

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    Mohana means "bewitching, infatuating, charming" in Sanskrit. This could work for a couple of areas of naming.
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