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    I'm sure I posted a reply on here...

    Jory Leander Atticus, August Eli Benedict, Casimir Mordecai Stewart,
    Edmond John Meirion, Horatio Ethell Emery, Bram William Jasper,
    Julian Remy Charles, Vasiliy Lochlan Michael.


    Aira Rose ___, Eleni Fiorella Charlotte, Sylvia Sayuri Noor,
    Merit Eleanora Adelaide, Clover Elodie Seraphine, Bridie Scarlett Viola,
    Marguerite Cecilia Iris, Eilidh Clara Valentine.

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    Eulalie Marie - Eulalie is beautiful. I think it's my favorite from your list. While I don't usually like Marie in the middle name spot, I like the sentimentality behind it. Another combo I like from mixing and matching your names is Eulalie Honora.

    Evelyn Rae - I like Evelyn, and Evelyn Rae is an ok combo.

    Adelaide Piper - I should like Adelaide in theory, but it sounds like a hard, cacophonous name to me. Both names flow together, though.

    Emery Honora - I'm not particularly a fan of Emery, but Honora is terribly sweet. I have trouble getting my mouth around the whole combo. I feel like I have to stretch it a bit to pronounce it.

    Claire Henrietta - Oh, very nice! I really like this combination! For what it's worth, I don't think Claire is too popular.

    Alder Reed - Not a fan of Alder. Reed sounds all right as a middle name.

    Elym Fitzpatrick - Not really digging Elym. Also, it looks like a feminine name to me. I think it's because of the "y."

    Casper Glenn - Casper is a great name, I think. I'm not fond of Glenn, but the combo flows nicely.

    Archer Wren - I don't like Archer at all, but I'm not personally big on -er names. I love Wren for a girl. I'm not sure how I feel about it for a boy, though.

    Abacus Reed - An abacus is an instrument used in times past to teach mathematics. I just can't get behind it. Reed is ok, though.
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    Eulalie Marie -- I like this, probably my favorite from your girl's list
    Evelyn Rae --pretty name, but a little boring, the family connections help
    Adelaide Piper -- I like Adelaide OK (not my style, but nice), but yes it doesn't flow great with Piper and I think the name images clash a bit
    Emery Honora -- I prefer Ellery, and yes it's a bit vowel heavy.
    Claire Henrietta -- I like Henrietta Claire better

    Alder Reed -- I like it, although I prefer the spelling Reid (but with the family connection Reed makes sense)
    Elym Fitzpatrick -- Not a fan of made-up names...what about Willem? Willem Fitzpatrick is a solid name =)
    Casper Glenn -- Ooh I like it, kinda creepy/cool!
    Archer Wren -- No.
    Abacus Reed -- Silly husbands. How about Atticus? Atticus Reed is a nice name, kind of Southern-sounding with the whole TKAM connection, with some depth of history behind it.

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    Eulalie Marie -- I adore this! I am glad you put in the pronunciation, I have been a bit confused about it. I think it is really sweet, I can imagine a little girl but also a more elegant adult woman.

    Evelyn Rae -- I always loved Evelyn but I think it is getting a bit popular. Not a bad choice though =]

    Adelaide Piper -- I like Adelaide, but I always worry that she would simply go by Addy, which I don't like as much. I think maybe a more vowel-y middle for this one would flow better?

    Emery Honora -- This name has the best flow, I feel like. I don't know how much that really matters, though, when you'll really just be calling them their first names! Emery is pretty but it makes me think of the University?

    Claire Henrietta -- Maybe Henrietta Claire? I like that better than the other way around. Also, I don't think Clara is as popular as Claire, if that is an option for you?


    Alder Reed -- I like this a lot! It has a lot in common with more common (Asher) and traditional (Alfred) names but it is original and very pleasant sounding. I would maybe worry about the nickname Al, but I guess there are worse things =]

    Elym Fitzpatrick -- I think that this is a little too obscure. Just reading it is hard to pronounce. Plus, think of all the El girl names that are popular now, It might be difficult. I like Fitzpatrick though!

    Casper Glenn -- I think of the ghost when I first see it, but I think maybe with there being more Jaspers out there it will fade. This combo is very nice, it is cool that the whole thing is from your grandfather.

    Archer Wren -- I love this! Goes together so well, and it is a strong sounding name with a more natural/soft middle. Perfect.

    Abacus Reed -- I'm not sure about this one. Of your A- beginnings I think I prefer Archer and Alder.

    Hope this helps! I think Eulalie and Archer or Alder could go well together. For future kids you could keep the vowel beginnings?

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    I really like Adler Reed; however, out of all the boys names Casper Fitzpatrick is my favorite. (I love Cass or Fitz for a boy's nn)
    For the girl, my favorite would be Claire Marie. Clair Marie shows freshness and class. Eulalie will definately cause some teasing with the "Ukulele" and Emery reminds me of a nail file. Also, Henrietta, Evelyne and Adalaide have that old lady name feel to them.

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