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    Generation 1:

    LN: Saunders-McGee

    DW: Rose Mary (goes by Rosemary)
    DH: Bernard Elias

    Generation 2:
    DS: Bernard James Saunders-McGee (Jim)
    DD1: Susan Jane Saunders-McGee
    DD2: Sandra Kristine Saunders-McGee
    DD3: Sharon Louise Saunders-McGee

    Generation 3:

    LN: Saunders-McGee
    DS: Bernard James Saunders-McGee (Jim)
    DW: Linda Beatrice Saunders-McGee

    DS: Kevin James Saunders-McGee (Twin 1)
    DD: Kaitlyn Marie Saunders-McGee (Twin 2)
    DS: Keith Bernard Saunders-McGee


    LN: O'Reilly
    DD1: Susan Jane O'Reilly
    DH: Daniel Patrick O'Rielly

    DS: Patrick Michael O'Rielly
    DD: Anne Deirdre O'Reilly (Annie)
    DD: Amelia Rose O'Rielly

    LN: Burton
    DD2: Sandra Kristine Burton
    DH: Randall Albert Burton (Randy)

    DS: Reed Bernard Burton
    DD: Rory Maeve Burton

    LN: Drood
    DD3: Sharon Louise Drood
    DH: Andrew Thomas Drood

    DD: Lillian Lucile Drood
    DD: Tristan Robert Drood
    DD: Kara Louise Drood
    DS: Desmond Thomas Keith Drood
    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    Bay Area
    Catalina || 18 || College Student

    Girls: Augusta || Bryony || Caroline || Elizabeth || Katherine || Margaret || Rosemary || Ruth
    Boys: Adrian || August || Bennett || Elliott || Ezra || Foster || Joel || Lowe || Porter || Weston

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    LN: McKinnon

    DH: Cameron William McKinnon
    DW: Brooke Adelaide McKinnon
    --DS: Matthew Carl McKinnon
    --DD: Grace Lily McKinnon
    --DD: Eleanor Anne McKinnon
    --DS: David John McKinnon
    --DD: Caroline Jennifer McKinnon

    Cam, Brooke, Matthew, Grace, Ellie, David, and Caroline

    --DH: Matthew Carl McKinnon
    --DW: Jennifer Isabel Starin (didn't change last name)

    --DW: Giulianna Leila Williams
    --DH: Caleb Patrick Williams
    ---DS: Andrew Caleb Williams
    ---DS: Brian Clayton Williams
    ---DS: Charles Daniel Williams

    Giulianna, Caleb, Andrew, Brian, and Charlie

    --DW: Eleanor Anne McKinnon (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Joseph Leo Dennison
    ---DS: Robert Michael Dennison
    ---DD (adopted): Hadley Yasmin Dennison

    Ellie, Joseph, Robbie, and Hadley

    --DH: Dean James McKinnon
    --DW: Agnes Louisa McKinnon
    ---DS: Paul Connor McKinnon
    ---DS: Oliver Emmett McKinnon

    Dean, Agnes, Paul, and Oliver

    --DW: Caroline Jennifer McKinnon (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Ryan Colin Hunters
    ---DD: Erin Catherine Hunters (me!)
    ---DD: Rose Josephine Hunters

    Caroline, Ryan, Erin, and Rosie

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    LN: Marks

    DH: Calvin Wilbur Marks
    DW: Bryony Alice Marks
    --DS: Maxwell (Mack) Calvin Marks
    --DD: Geraldine Lydia Marks
    --DD: Emmeline Annabel Marks
    --DS: Dexter Joss Marks
    --DD: Calla Jane Marks

    --DH: Maxwell Calvin Marks
    --DW:Jessa Isabel Stark

    --DW: Geraldine Lydia Wallace
    --DH: Charles (Charlie) Paul Wallace
    ---DS: Asa Camden Wallace
    ---DS: Benjamin (Ben) Charles Wallace
    ---DS: Cardinal Devon Wallace

    --DW: Emmeline Annabel Marks
    --DH: Joshua (Josh) Liam Daniels
    ---DS: Reese Maxwell Daniels
    ---DD: Henrietta Yvette Daniels

    --DH: Dexter Joss Marks
    --DW: Alice Lily Marks
    ---DS: Peter Calvin Marks
    ---DS: Oliver Evan Marks

    --DW: Calla Jane Marks
    --DH: Richard Cassidy Hart
    ---DD: Elizabeth (Beth) Calla Hart (you!)
    ---DD: Raina Juliet Hart

    _Calvin___ and _Bryony__ with children ____Calla___, ____Maxwell____, ___Emmeline______, _____Geraldine___, and ____Dexter____, and grandchildren ____Asa_____, __Ben_______, ____Cardinal___, ____Reese_____, __Henrietta______, _____Peter___, ___Oliver______, ____Beth_____, and ___Raina_______.
    NYC Addict to Girls' Names. Future journalist.

    Favorite Girls:
    Annabel/Annabella, Alice, Arabella, Clara, Della, Eleanora, Emmeline, Flora, Harper, Isadora, Josephine, Kate, Lillia, Lily, Mara, May, Violetta, Zara

    Favorite Boys:
    Archer, Bryce, Charles/Charlie, Graham, Wyatt

    Violetta Jane|Della May|Emmeline Violet|Stella Jade|Mara Vivian|Flora Dixie|Zara Delphine

    Wyatt Joseph|Bryce Greyson|Will Tate|Nate Charles

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    LN: Motley

    DH: Cedric Wesley Motley
    DW: Beatrice "Bea" Anna Motley
    --DS: Michael "Mike" Christopher Motley
    --DD: Gail Lynn Motley
    --DD: Ellen Abigail Motley
    --DS: Daniel "Dan" James Motley
    --DD: Carol Janet Motley

    --DH: Michael "Mike" Christopher Motley
    --DW: Jillian "Jill" Ivette Stevenson (didn't change last name)

    --DW: Gail Lynn Weber
    --DH: Christopher "Chris" Patrick Weber
    ---DS: Alexander "Alex" Collin Weber
    ---DS: Benjamin "Ben" Caleb Weber
    ---DS: Connor Dylan Weber

    --DW: Ellen Abigail Motley (didn't change last name)
    --DH: John Laurence Driver
    ---DS: Ryan Matthew Driver
    ---DD (adopted): Hanna Yuki Driver

    --DH: Daniel "Dan" James Motley
    --DW: Aileen Laura Motley
    ---DS: Peter Cameron Motley
    ---DS: Owen Eric Motley

    --DW: Carol Janet Motley (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Richard Charles Hendrickson
    ---DD: Emily Carolyn Hendrickson (me!)
    ---DD: Rachel Julia Hendrickson
    Sophia's Names:

    Girls~ Olivia Grace, Cassidy Ellen, Orla Alice, Isobel Raine, Amabel Jaclyn, Bronwyn Noelle & Madeleine Greer
    Boys~ Deacon Matthew, Reilly Brooks, Sawyer Evan, Liam Jordan, Elliott Noah, Rowan Jude & Gage Michael

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