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    I love when NB teaches me these new little nuggets of knowledge! On another thread I've learned about a Canadian politician and a Spanish (language, I forget which country) singer. (Belinda).

    Here's hoping it comes up at pub quiz sometime ; )!

    I am trying to remember what cartoons I *do* remember names from. I remember the name Bianca from gosh I can't even recall what cartoon! and Gem. And Barbie. I watched a ton of My Little Pony but the names didn't stick with me. She-ra, but I don't think that's too widely considered (Shira, maybe). I remember Daphne from Scooby Doo, but more from seeing it posted on here than from actually remembering it! Alvin, Simon, Theodore. But the girl chipmunks' names I don't really remember.

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    Oh only now do I notice the NC up in the corner of your posts, rowangreeneyes : D.

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    I didn't even know that the Gummi Bears had a TV show.
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    Calla is so is really nice with Rowan..that is my favorite ,..girls name...another name I am in love with lately is Aster

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    I'm 25, USA.. I watched that show but didn't remember her name AT ALL! I think of the flower.
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