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    I prefer Rosalie. I think the twilight fad is over and by the time the child will care about her name no one will really cling to the twilight association.

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    I really like both equally. I don't think Rosalie is too Twilight-y at all I actually think of the character on Grimm. (Awful show and I'm still addicted. How do they do it?) I think the decision needs to come down to potential mn's and the ln.

    What sounds better with the last name? My last name ends with an "i" sound so Rosalie Kelly is a bit odd and Rosalind Kelly would be better. However my SO last is a "son" name and Rosalie Peterson sounds more balanced to me than Rosalind Peterson (for example: the d and p sound a little harsh to me).
    Hope that helps.
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    Rosalind is the more classic of the two.
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