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    I much prefer Rosalind.

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    Going to go against the current here and say Rosalie. Rosalind seems so stuffy to me, and doesn't flow well.
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    Rosalie gets my vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessica123 View Post
    I prefer Rosalie. I personally don't consider the name exclusively "Twilight" I guess because Rosalie was used a long time before Twilight was around.
    I agree with this completely. I love both names but I prefer Rosalie. While there definitely is the Twilight association, I don't think Rosalie is exclusively Twilight.On the Twilight note, Bella, Jacob, and Edward have all received extra attention because of Twilight, but all of those names have been around long(and were popular) before Twilight. I've never read Twilight, but I do know most people don't automatically think of Rosalie when they think of Twilight character names. I'd say the same about Jasper as well.

    But a name like Arwen-I think people will almost always associate it with LOTR. (Not that it's a bad association or anything, I love Tolkien!)

    Plus, I think the Twilight craze will die out eventually. With that said, your coworker's child's peers will probably never read Twilight, and most people now haven't read Twilight, so I don't think your coworker has to worry too much about the Twilight association!
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    I love Rosalind, but I've never known a Rosalie. Tell me, is it pronounced Roz-a-lee or Rose-a-lee?

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