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    Vivienne or Rosalind??

    We are still firmly team green, but thinking of a girl name to go with DD "Juniper Anne"--want to use the MN "Belle" since my abuelita's (grandma's) name was Belen.

    Vivienne Belle Brownlee
    Rosalind Belle Brownlee
    Proud mama of Juniper Anne (11/2010)

    Excited to find a sibling name for our baby due in January 2013!

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    I like Vivienne better, if you don't mind the Jolie-Pitt connection.

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    Love both. Vivienne goes better with Belle, but Rosalind is also stunning.
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    Very difficult to decide. I like the understated grace and literary connections of Rosalind-- this name is much more uncommon and will strike listeners as 'fresher.' Vivienne is more lush and more overtly romantic, but it's still a serious name.

    I think the balance should go to Rosalind. Vivienne (French) + Belle (French) is a little too matchy. Pairing the more serious and less frilly Rosalind (English via Italy) with a lighter middle name like Belle really helps balance both.

    "Rosa linda" (beautiful rose) also has a subtle botanical connection so I think it pairs with sister Juniper too.
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    I think Rosalind Belle would be quite stunning with Juniper Anne.
    All the best,

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