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    Mar 2011
    LN: Lautner
    SO: Taylor Daniel
    YOU: Jillian Elizabeth

    Number of children: 3

    Birth #1 (roll)
    1- DD

    FN: Favorite Name
    MN: Has something to do with your SO's career (character names, song names, co-star names etc)

    Name: Celia Isabella Lautner

    Birth #2
    6- DD

    FN: http://nymbler.com/ (type your name, your SO name and your first child's name, you can try twice)
    MN: http://nameberry.com/userlist/view/29695

    Name: Juliet Genesis Lautner

    Birth #3
    3- DD

    FN: You Pick
    MN: http://nameberry.com/list/219/Cool-Middle-Names

    Name: Destiny Wren Lautner

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    Jan 2012
    DH (44): Thomas William Hiddleston
    DW (33): Katie Nell Hiddleston
    DD (9): Junia Scarlett Hiddleston
    DS (7): Felix Arrow Hiddleston
    DS (6): Caleb James Hiddleston
    DD (4): Lucy Cora Hiddleston
    DS/DS (3): Alexander Neville Hiddleston and Samuel Reid Hiddleston
    DS (nb): Andrew River Hiddleston

    Tom and Katie Hiddleston and their children; June, Felix, Caleb, Lucy, Xander, Sam, and Andrew.
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    LN: Tebow
    SO: Timothy Richard
    YOU: Nicole Ashley

    Birth #1:
    Greyson Gaines Tebow

    Birth #2:
    James Spencer Tebow

    Birth #3:
    Emmeline Reese Tebow (Emme)

    Birth #4:
    Logan Carter Tebow

    Birth #5:
    Ava Laurel Tebow

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    Ohio USA
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    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    United States
    LN : Kutcher
    SO : Ashton
    ME : Ashley

    Four Births.

    Birth#1 : DS/DS
    Henry Kelso [That 70's Show]
    Charles Walden [two and a half men character he plays]

    Birth#2 : DS
    William Rigby

    Birth#3 : DD
    Scarlet Fleur

    Birth#4 : DS
    Elijah Cale

    I love all the kids names

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