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  • Clio

    4 10.26%
  • Cleo

    33 84.62%
  • Saige

    1 2.56%
  • Sage

    35 89.74%
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Thread: which spelling

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    Clio & Sage are my preferred spellings. I love Clio due to its mythological connection (Cleo is just short for Cleopatra for me). I don't know why the pp stated that Clio may have pronunciation issues. It's pretty straightforward to me. I chose Sage because I don't like misspelling everyday words. Sage is a UNISEX name so there's no need to "feminize" it.

    FYI - The Renault Clio is a type of car in Europe and Cleo is the name of a ladies clothing chain in Canada.
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